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These findings are remarkable given that anonymous users gain no consistent reputation among their fellow users by taking part in these practices and have nothing to risk in terms of community prestige.

gorgeous ladies Ariah

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Age: I'm 32 years old
Color of my iris: Brilliant gray
What is my figure type: My figure type is muscular
What is my favourite drink: Red wine

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GIF image. At first glance, strangely, the.

GIF image wasn't animated. GIF, and showed what appeared to be a drawing of a smiley face, only with realistic-looking eyes and mouth. People who clicked on it saw the smiley face's smile slowly turn into a frown, and the eyes taking on an angrier appearance.

The smiley face would then scream loudly - loud enough to burst eardrums - and gruesome images of rapes, bomb test victims, aborted fetuses, mutilated bodies, and animals being tortured would flash by quickly.

After about five minutes, it would show the text " Have nice day " sicand the user's computer would automatically close out of the browser and would stop working, as if a virus had corrupted the hard drive.

People whose computers were infected would shortly be found in their homes, skinned and mutilated, with a smiley face painted in blood on the floor next to their corpses. The founder of 4chan, moot, would always claim that the picture never existed, and that the murders were unrelated.

However, somewhere in the archives, the picture still exists. Most people who attempt to post it are usually swiftly banned by moot. Creepypasta Fanon Wiki Explore.

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One of the alleged pictures of the. Notice: I am not the one that wrote this.

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