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Ai algorithm created disturbing stories, including sex scenes involving children.

In DecemberUtah startup Latitude launched a pioneering online game called AI Dungeon that demonstrated a new form of human-machine collaboration. When a player typed out the action or dialog they wanted their character to perform, algorithms would craft the next phase of their personalized, unpredictable adventure.

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Last summer, OpenAI gave Latitude early access to a more powerful, commercial version of its technology. In marketing materialsOpenAI touted AI Dungeon as an example of the commercial and creative potential of writing algorithms.

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A new monitoring system revealed that some adult gaming reddit were typing words that caused the game to generate stories depicting sexual encounters involving children. OpenAI asked Latitude to take immediate action. Latitude turned on a new moderation system last week—and triggered a revolt among its users.

A Latitude spokesperson said its filtering system and policies for acceptable content are both being refined. Staff had ly banned players who they learned had used AI Dungeon to generate sexual content featuring children. Blocking the AI system from creating some types of sexual or adult content while allowing others will be difficult.

Add the fiendish inventiveness of Homo internetusand the output can be strange, beautiful, or toxic. OpenAI released its text-generation technology as open source late in but last year turned a ificantly upgraded version, called GPT-3, into a commercial service. OpenAI said the service would empower businesses and startups and granted Microsofta hefty backer of OpenAI, an exclusive to the underlying algorithms.

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WIRED and some coders and AI researchers who tried the system showed it could also generate unsavory text, such as anti-Semitic comments, and extremist propaganda. OpenAI said it would carefully vet customers to weed out bad actors, and required most customers—but not Latitude—to use filters the AI provider created to block profanity, hate speech, or sexual content. Some quickly discovered and came to cherish its fluency with sexual content.

Others complained the AI would bring up sexual themes unbidden, for example when they attempted to travel by mounting a dragon and their adventure took an unforeseen turn. Like all automated filters, however, it was not perfect.

The company also added a premium subscription tier to generate revenue. The system got noticeably more creative in its ability to explore sexually explicit themes, too, this person says. The veteran player was among the AI Dungeon aficionados who embraced the game as an AI-enhanced writing tool to explore adult themes, including in a dedicated writing group. Latitude declined to share figures on how many adventures contained sexual content.

An AI Dungeon player who posted last week about a security flaw adult gaming reddit made every story generated in the game publicly accessible says he downloaded several hundred thousand adventures created during four days in April. He analyzed a sample ofof them and found 31 percent contained words suggesting they were sexually explicit.

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How to responsibly deploy AI systems that have ingested large swaths of Internet text, including some unsavory parts, has become a hot topic in AI research. Two prominent Google researchers were forced out of the company after managers objected to a paper arguing for caution with such technology. The technology can be used in very constrained ways, such as in Google search adult gaming reddit it helps parse the meaning of long queries. OpenAI helped AI Dungeon to launch an impressive but fraught application that let people prompt the technology to unspool more or less whatever it could.

He contributed to a study and interactive online demo with researchers from UW and Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence showing that when text borrowed from the web was used to prompt five different language generation models, including from OpenAI, all were capable of spewing toxic text.

Gururangan is now one of many researchers trying to figure out how to exert more control over AI language systems, including by being more careful with what content they learn from.

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This story originally appeared on wired. Chronological Insightful Highest Voted Funniest. Is this really possible to fix this at a fundamental level? I recommend it. Or sometimes quite OK. He also had it write an episode for him, using one of the titles, about the attempted communist utopia in Yorkshire in the s. Like they never heard of rule The Internet brings pervs out into the light.

Deranged wrote:. Sounds like the A"I" read some books by Stephen King Also, Ouf to critical failure mounting a dragon.

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Seems like the obvious move for a SFW version would be curating the training material… no sexual content in, probably no sexual content out. I'd hate to be the guy tasked with reading volumes of AI generated My Little Pony futanari scat fetish text only to find the brave hero touched the little boy deeply with his speech.

You are musing about the wrong question in the article. And it's not intelligent in any kind of human intelligence way.

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We assume these things are an analog to human intelligence and nothing could be further from the truth. Dijkstra has it right as well: "The question of whether Machines Can Think … is about as relevant as the question of whether Submarines Can Swim. If they do manage to create a filter that actually keeps out kiddie porn without ruining the rest we got a winner on the Turing test. There is also a decent chance that the AI will commit suicide after seeing how the tiny part of humanity interacting with it behaves.

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Seems like the obvious answer to the filtering problem is Keyword filtering sounds so primitive, why not apply a flavor of sentiment analysis sexuality analysis? Also, how prurient.

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Must we shine a spotlight on every dark corner? Let them have their fun, with a little privacy please. I'll be in my bunk. Oh gawd, can I even post a joke like that without regretting it later? DembK50 wrote:. Edsger W. DanglishDapper wrote:.

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The end result, quite predictably, will be regular users running into frustrating ham-fisted attempts at content moderation and the not-so-regular users will simply move on to something that doesn't try to moderate them. And as with another comment, the obvious solve is to have another AI inspect the output and spike it if it exceeds human-defined thresholds. KnightRT wrote:. I guess I have to be that guy since nobody else is saying this Obligatory statement that I have zero sexual interest in children because ad hominem never seems be off the table when you're putting yourself at risk of being hanged by mob mentality Is this really a problem to anyone that needed solving, other than the fact that the people who made this got their knickers in a bunch seeing their technology get used in a way they don't like?

I really don't see cause for the authors of this to elect themselves as the thought police, and violate everyone's privacy, because people want to have gross sexual fantasies Nothing that is fully bounded in the realm of fiction, as far as I'm aware, has actually hurt anyone, ever.

And a lot of times, they prevent people from being tempted to go adult gaming reddit and seek to enact their fantasies in the real world to people who will actually get hurt.

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Is this really a problem to anyone that needed solving, other than the fact that the people who made this got their knickers in a bunch seeing their technology get used in a way they don't like? Every machine-learning algorithm reliant on any degree of written human input can and will be trolled.

True AI doesn't exist.

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We're basically using glorified ENIACs, and the underlying programming basics really haven't changed much since then. Software is still just a giant collection of files and databases. Hardware is still a bunch of transistors and wires. Only the speed of processing zeroes and ones has changed. If I were a company with a so-called "smart" product, I would steer clear of using the term AI for branding.

Ozy wrote:. RC3K wrote:. I just played with this a bit, it's pretty damn hilarious.

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There's some extreme weirdness like both the player character and the npc changing sexes two or three times within a few linesbut it's really fun to play with. I have only played with prompted mode.

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After about a dozen lines, it will demand that you register, but you can use a minute and don't have to pay anything. And on the 8th day man created an AI in his own image. The horror. Especially with a technology that has zero capacity for empathy or morality. TMilligan wrote:. Peevester wrote:. Channel Ars Technica.