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Akiza yugioh

Two of the most recognizable female duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

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They can be easily special summoned again and again to make synchro monsters that flood the field. The field spell for the deck, Black Garden is a fascinating card. If a monster is summoned to either side of the field, its attack is automatically halved. Black Garden can also special summon a monster in the grave with attack equal to all the Plant monsters on the field, then destroy all the Plant monsters on the field. Then every time the opponent controls a Plant monster, they can inflict an extra damage to the opponent per turn.

At the same time though, upon being summoned Twilight Rose Knight can special summon a level 4 or lower Plant monster from the hand, so akiza yugioh can go into a bigger extra deck monster instantly.

Evil Thorn can tribute itself to inflict damage to the opponent, and special summon two other Evil Thorns from the deck. What really matters is that Akiza would gain an additional two monsters to help her synchro summon new monsters, or tribute summon some of the other monsters in her main deck. A card that worked much better when it was first introduced. The goal is recovering Black Rose Dragon.

A level eight monster, Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis is one of the harder monsters to get rid of. Black Rose Dragon is the ace of this deck, and one of the Five Dragons key to the opening story. Upon being synchro summoned, Black Rose Dragon has the ability to destroy all cards on the field.

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A rare appearance of a Gemini monster in the anime. But when Gemini monsters are normal summoned a second time, they become effect monsters with a special ability.

Gigaplant becomes able to special summon a Insect or Plant-Type monster from the hand or graveyard. Basically, Akiza could give up her normal summon to bring out Plant monsters from the graveyard.

Copy Plant is a pretty straightforward card that was perfect for the synchro era. Once every turn, it was capable of copying the level of a Plant monster on the field.

The real card can copy plant monsters on either side of the field, making it a priceless card to include in any synchro plant deck. Glow-Up Bulb is a monster with an effect so powerful it rotates on and off the ban list. The effect can only be used once per duel, but the ability to bring it back and create whatever monster is perfect for the situation is crucial.

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