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Arkham the dark legacy

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In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Arkham — The Dark Legacy. Please do head over to lessonofpassion. The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.

This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun. This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to thisask for your money back, it is a scam. Arkham — The Dark Legacy is an erotic adventure game where the player takes control of Charles and wanders around the town of Arkham trying to piece together his family legacy and resolve the supernatural circumstances that surrounds him.

Study the dark arts as well as human science, investigate strange and ominous places that are hidden in this infamous town. Take your time exploring and discovering with unlimited days and no limit except for your sanity. Welcome to Arkham!

Arkham: the dark legacy

Leveling LVL To get to the next level with the girls, you will need to unlock certain levels to raise their relationship with you. Once you meet them, they will start at level 1 and below are all the levels and how to obtain the maximum rank of each girl.

Event EVT Below are all the events that happen in the game and the actions and consequences of each one. Some events will not unlock until certain stats or events are completed. She tell you to go to the graveyard at night and investigate. After the cutscene, go home and write the article 2 Hoursthen back to the Arkham Advisor and turn the story into Lavinia.

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You will have an option to either save Aseneth 50 Occult or leave her to die where she will never come back again. And if Aseneth is alive, a scene will trigger with her later and you will unlock her fourth level with her too.

You can now summon Curwen in your attic. She says that the witch they summoned gave her a formula for an elixir of life. Call out to her and watch the cutscene where she will ask for your help to write some articles for her 4 Hours each. Once you finish them all, go to the Old Cave on the map.

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Go to the Olney house and talk to Hannah about it. Go home and craft an inhibition potion and shortly after Elizabeth will come over.

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Asa wants you to silence him one way or another. You can make a mind control manuscript and take control of Albert or Lavinia or you could also kill Albert. Report back to Asa when you are done.

The files you need are in the basement and to access them you need to deliver some documents to Albert at the Arkham Advisor. Then return to the University and talk to Elizabeth and ask for her help 2 Hours.

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You will unlock the Olney House and will be able to interact with Elizabeth. But if you did, you will defeat Curwen. And have access to the portal.

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Once there use the Charm of Opening buy it from the shop and get the rusted key. Go to the lab and ask for the scientist to clean it for you.

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Return to the library and give the key to Elizabeth. Asenith will tell you to go to the graveyard to fetch some corpses to make saltes. There will be a cutscene where you will chase a scientist back to his lab and afterwards you will receive some Occult Salts that you can use once you get home.

You now unlocked items you can buy form the lab, craft items in the attic and summon. Asa will deny you entry until you can prove that you are the decendant of the previos owner. Head back to the libarary and ask Elizabeth for help in the archives 2 Hours. Go back to the library and Elizabeth will have what your proof of heritage and can show it to Hannah and Asa at the Olney House After You will get a rose bouquet recipe that you can make.

Arkham - the dark legacy

Harvest Plants in the park 2 Hours each and once you get three, go to your attic at home and build it. Once your Relationship is over 40, give her the bouquet and you can go on dates with her after that. Unlocks Hannah date. Go to the graveyard at night and search the cat in the private cemetery.

Return to the Olney house to reunite Tom with Hannah.

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Go around town and ask each girl to be apart of the ritual. So Many Stories: There are only 25 stories that you can write about in Arkham.

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So spend carefully. Summon for Something: Summoning a spirit also reaps rewards besides a sex scene. Choose to use the potion. After the last summon, it will pop.

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Use the inhibition potion. Once she does, after a long cutscene, it will pop. Or go on a date with her need black candles and then use the inhibition potion there. Either way works! Oh and…Pop! Ending 1: Joseph Curwen possesses you. Ending 7: Sanity reaches 0. What does it take to get Hannah to agree to participate in the Ultimate Ritual?

She is at points. I created the Inhibition potion to motivate her. The other two have agreed.

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I am waiting on her. Trying to remember. I think you need to go to get the evidence against Asa and when you need to go over to the farm, go with Hannah. I know I did all those things except getting the evidence against Asa. I did it right today and Hannah participated.

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Im trying to get the Ultimate Ritual, but Elizabeth keep rejecting, I have her in more of of relation. I must go past to final showdown, defeat Curwen and return? But I think once all the major story elements like the ones you listed before are played out, can you then find the harem style ending. Interesting, did you also get the Charmer? Let me know if you have done that. You must be logged in to post a comment. LOP blog. Search for:. May 16, at pm.

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