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Army gals

Add to my library. Get it from: Steam. Army Gals is a visual novel set at a retreat for delinquents.

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Now and again you play a game that throws such a curveball at you that you find yourself speechless. This was the case with Army Galsan adult visual novel from Dharker Studio released back in Pitched as both a survival and romance title, Army Gals throws the player into the middle of nowhere with three women and tasks them with surviving.

Sounds easy enough, but the group will quickly learn that things are not quite what they seem and relying on each other might not be enough out here. For this wild ride players will step into the shoes of Kyle, the faceless protagonist for whom the story will unfold around. The step up here is that you are attending the Aggressive Rehabilitation Missionary Youth Program after having been possibly-framed for delinquent behaviour. After arriving at the camp the only two adults present leave the kids alone in the woods in order to get more supplies.

From here Kyle and the women - Edda, Raen, and Andrea - must make the harrowing journey back to civilisation through army gals manner of terrain. Along the way they will need to overcome challenges, deepen their bond with each other and learn to rely on one another if they want to survive.

With that said, what about that curveball I mentioned? There are hints of something much larger going on here and quickly you are trying to uncover a mystery as you play through the multiple routes and endings. Without spoiling anything though, this quickly falls apart as what starts off interesting just devolves into a rollercoaster of fantasy and ridiculousness that is honestly, hard to stay invested in.

On the presentation front Army Gals does maintain a consistent visual style and quality throughout. Characters have varied and interesting des, often matching their personality, while backgrounds and locations have plenty of detail.

The user interaction is easily the weakest part of the presentation but it serves its purpose in allowing you a space to read from, along with accessing useful functions, such as saving and loading. In terms of adult scenes, you will find plenty throughout the different routes with plenty of variety in each of the different encounters.

Some might lead to good endings, some to army gals endings, and others might just leave you confused. In fact, you can easily grab one such sexual encounter within minutes of starting Army Gals should you pick the clearly right answer. Most of these encounters will be hard to miss given how obvious the player choice is.

Sadly, the writing during these moments is not good and easily some of the weaker writing in the whole game. Army Gals is an interesting adult visual novel but it ultimately ends up falling flat faster than the tents the character tries to put up. While the ridiculous direction that story can head in might be a solid selling point for some, others will find it hard to get through.

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Curiosity might be enough for some to get through the frankly odd story and inconsistent writing, but as a whole Army Gals is a lackluster experience. Army Gals Reviewed on Windows Minor enjoyable interactions, but on the whole is underwhelming. This game was supplied by the publisher or relevant PR company for the purposes of review.

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