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Asstr gay stories

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Years: 25
Service for: I love man
Gender: My gender is woman
Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
Figure type: My body type is slender
What is my hobbies: Listening to music
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If you enjoy this story, a great way to demonstrate that would be to send a donation to Nifty Archive or ASSTR to help keep the free service available. Plus, feedback on the story is always appreciated. It was barely big enough for two people to sit in, but I was planning to fuck him, not sit with him. Come on, get them off.

The pants already hung low, half way down his skinny ass, so it did not take much to start them sliding down his slim legs. What are you talking about? I thought we were going to talk about improving my grade in your class! Your only asset is, basically, your ass. Drop your Frooties too.

It was quickly rising towards horizontal, and creating a major tent in the white Fruit of the Loom boxers. Apparently Mom still bought his underwear. His legs were hairless, more like a twelve year old boy than most other college boys, and so was the rest of his body. He was down to a worn tee shirt and the well tented boxers, although the tent pole had shifted to a more upright position and was now higher than the waistband.

The thin fabric parted, and I slid it down his narrow torso, past the boxers tent, and let it fall to his ankles. He shook his head and pushed the shorts down to the ruined tee shirt, while also trying to cover his hardon with his hand.

Now stand up straight. Maybe five foot four, not much more than pounds, hairless except for a few pubic hairs at the base of a five inch cock, no hint of facial hair, he looked as if he was just entering puberty. He looked soft, boyish but not feminine. His dark shiny hair was a bit long, and the dark waves framed his pale face perfectly.

I touched his chest and ran my fingers downward, feeling the soft skin of his tummy, and then brushing against his vertical cock.

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He shuddered slightly at my touch but said nothing. And then to my surprise, his eyes teared up and he started to cry.

To be so different from His hardon, I noted, remained unabated, pressed against my leg. So I just kept my arms wrapped around him and held him tight, rubbing his back, his head, his shoulders, his butt, keeping him in full body contact. After a few minutes, he calmed down and the sobs lessened.

I handed him a tissue from the box on my desk and held it to his nose, as if he were a little. I pulled him down onto my lap sideways, one hand on his shoulder and the other on his stiff cock, which was now leaking precum. He leaned his head against my chest as re regained his composure, and I gently stroked him as he began to tell me his story.

He told me how his late physical development had been a source of constant pain for him during junior high and high school.

Puberty had not arrived until he was 16, despite his near desperate attempts to coax some cum out of his diminutive dick. He told me that in the locker room he had been the target for every kind of rude and raunchy remark only high school boys can dream up. Two dollars a fuck; five dollars for head. They showed the pictures all over school. It was horrible.

Of course they start picking on me. Then one of them grabs me from behind by both arms and pushes me against the wall. He pushes his hard dick against my ass a few times, and then drags me out to one of those low benches in the drying-off area. I looked like most boys did at twelve. So anyway, this guy drags me over to the bench and pushes me down over it, face down. My head is hanging over the bench, my hips are on top of it, and my feet are on the floor. And then one of them gets down on top of me and pushes his dick into my ass.

Before he gets on me, though, he kneels down next to my face, grabs me by my hair, and shows me his massive cock. It looks about a foot long and three inches thick. Kiss it for good luck. And then the last guy -- the one who grabbed me in the first place -- gets on me and starts to fuck me.

And then I have an orgasm -- its dry, but it feels great -- and he comes in my butt, and then pulls out. Is there any more? There was so much cum in me I had to let it drain out for about five minutes. And I was bleeding some, too. But the thing was, even though it hurt so much it felt good at the same time. And I liked doing it.

And then I let him fuck me. And I liked that too. And look for faculty that have Safe Zone s on their doors. That would be great!

About being gay and everything. And about sitting on your lap like this. He was pretty slick by this time, and I could give him a firm squeeze with my whole hand on each stroke. In fact, at this point I was actively jacking him off. Keep doing that! Which did not take much longer. Donny began pushing up against my hand and breathing really hard.

Sweat appeared on his pale skin, and then with an inarticulate yell, he shot. And he shot. And he shot some more. Perhaps Mother Nature felt sorry for him and was trying to compensate for the late start. He shot at least a half dozen major spurts that reached as far as his chin, his chest, and his left shoulder.

Then he slowed down and pumped out several more major surges that flowed over my hand. And finally he was done, limp on my lap, panting.

And covered in cum. After a couple of minutes just resting and dripping, he looked up at me again.

Besides, we need this stuff. What do you mean we need it? Fresh cum makes great fucking lube. You ready?

Well, yeah, I guess. I mean I do.

Definitely ready. Now he was truly ready. I need not have been concerned, for apparently he had indeed grown to enjoy a good fuck.