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Following the impressive and incredibly popular inaugural season, the second season is already shaping up to be just as big — if not bigger — than its predecessor. Casting rumors and story speculation have taken over the internet for the better part of the past few months, but now is finally the time for viewers bandit breeding easter egg kick back, relax, and see whether or not their predictions come true as the next eight chapters roll out.

Simultaneously, another fun incentive for tuning in to The Mandalorian is the plethora of Easter eggs the show supplies. The likes of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni — who are Star Wars fans as much as they are creators — spearhead The Mandalorianand they don't shy away from deep cuts into the franchise's lore. It looks to carve out its own niche in the established universe, but there are still plenty of small details, references, and cameos to keep die-hard fans skimming through episodes with a fine-toothed comb.

The first season excelled in this regard, bringing together aspects of all three Skywalker saga trilogies in a subtle manner while still creating an intriguing and totally original narrative. In a similar fashion to the initial batch of Mandalorian episodes, season 2 appears equally as plentiful in the Easter egg department.

Here are the secrets lurking in the background that you probably missed. Right off the bat, the season premiere of The Mandalorian season 2, entitled "Chapter 9: The Marshal," kicks off Din Djarin's Pedro Pascal journey to find the remaining Mandalorians hidden across the galaxy. He hopes that they can help him relocate the Child aka Baby Yoda to wherever he came from and, by extension, lead him to his family as well. However, this won't be a one-and-done task, as the Mandalorian sects are notoriously difficult to locate — meaning the titular bounty hunter has to ask around to locate his people.

There, the two converse during some type of combat sport involving two Gamorreans squaring off with Vibro-axes inside something resembling a boxing ring. An appearance from these guys isn't too unexpected, since Favreau shared on his Twitter last year a picture of a statue of one of them, revealing the Gamorreans' cameo during season 2.

What became of jabba's palace patrons?

These pig-faced aliens made their Star Wars debut in 's Return of the Jediposing as guards for the gangster Jabba the Hutt. Alongside them were a handful of Weequay, which just so happens to be the same race as Mos Pelgo's resident bartender. With the underworld kingpin long gone by the time of The Mandalorianit appears his former palace rogues are doing their best to make ends meet.

After concluding his less-than-cordial meeting with Koresh, Mando and his foundling make their way to Tatooine to look for the supposed Mandalorian wandering the planet's sandy plains. Of course, they can't get a good look around the planet from the Razor Crestso they enlist the hangar of Peli Motto Amy Sedariswho first appeared in The Mandalorian 's inaugural season alongside her crew of pit droids. But they're not the only droids running amok in her mechanic area, as a familiar face popped up to help Mando navigate Tatooine's perilous terrain.

Motto stored the map of Tatooine inside an R5 astromech unit that fans of A New Hope likely recognized immediately. In said film, Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill goes off to purchase from the Jawas a new droid for the family moisture farm, and the red-and-white R5-D4 was his first choice. Sadly, the little guy didn't get to go off and have galaxy-wide adventures with the future Jedi, thanks to a bad motivatorso that spot went to the fan-favorite R2-D2. It's good to see that Motto could fix him up, even if he's a bit sluggish for her liking.

The vast majority of The Mandalorian season 2's first episode takes place on Tatooine, which is one of the most important locations in the Star Wars universe. Koresh's lead sends Mando to the off-the-grid town of Mos Pelgo, but bookworms would recognize it by another name: Freetown. Chuck Wendig's novel Aftermath introduced the village, describing it as a dirty, sparsely populated settlement that wasn't for the faint of heart.

The Mandalorian 's "Chapter 9: The Marshal," however, marks the first appearance of the run-down community in any visual medium, adapting it to near perfection. Additionally, during her discussion with the Mandalorian about Mos Pelgo, Peli Motto name-drops some other recognizable Tatooine locales as well.

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First and foremost, she mentions Mos Eisley, a wretched hive of scum and villainy that housed Chalmun's Cantina and took on a pivotal role in both A New Hope and The Mandalorian season 1. Upon arriving at the largely unremarkable Mos Pelgo, Mando enters the local cantina to speak with anyone who can provide him with information on the town's supposed Mandalorian resident.

For Mando, the result was pretty disappointing. He didn't find one of his people, but rather Cobb Vanth, who was simply wearing the armor with no ties to the creed. It doesn't take a deep knowledge of Star Wars to recognize the gear as Boba Fett's — although, if you only watch the movies and TV shows, you'll have to do some digging to learn about Cobb Vanth. Vanth, as portrayed by Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant, made his debut in the Star Wars universe in the aforementioned Aftermath novel.

The book details his journey pretty vaguely, running over the broad strokes of him receiving the armor from the Jawas and subsequently saving Freetown from marauders and Tusken Raiders, thus earning the moniker "The Marshal" — hence why the season 2 premiere bears that name in its title. The Mandalorian certainly picks up the slack, putting Vanth front and center with a series of flashbacks to supply a bit more detail than a few book s could pull off. Committed as ever to his beliefs, Mando refuses to allow Vanth to keep the Mandalorian armor since it technically doesn't belong to him.

Since both of them are rational men, they come to an agreement that will service both parties.

Mando can have every last piece of armor so long as he helps Vanth take down, once and for all, the carnivorous beast known as the Krayt Dragon that's ravaged Mos Pelgo for years. They might not realize what they're dealing with, but longtime Star Wars fans instantly recognized the danger the two were in.

R5-d4 is still kicking

Despite holding a constant, menacing presence across all forms of media, Krayt Dragons — live ones, anyway — are an incredibly rare sight throughout the canon. Most of the time, the story relegates them to a fleeting mention or a set-piece used to fill in space, even though they're massive beasts with highly valuable pearls in their bellies. However, if the Krayt Dragon's arrival on The Mandalorian season 2 proved anything, it's that these long-tenured yet infrequently seen creatures are no joke.

Such a long stretch of sand and scorching heat is impossible to trek on foot, so the two found alternative transportation to reach their destination. Mando rides off on the same speeder bike he borrowed from Peli Motto, but Vanth pulls up in something quite out-of-the-ordinary.

His makeshift vehicle sported two large flaps on the front, covering a turbine set below them, with a seating area attached to the rear. This hodgepodge of components calls back to The Phantom Menace 's pod racers, sporting a similar look to young Anakin's model. There's no way to confirm if it came from his specifically, but the pieces undeniably came from someone's pod racer.

Life on Tatooine isn't easy for really anyone — whether bandit breeding easter egg a bounty hunter seeking your next job, or a moisture farmer trying to break even. It's not a glamorous place to live, nor is it the most up-to-date with the rest of the galaxy, being that it's deep in the Outer Rim Territories.

Therefore, the planet's occupants need to make do with what they have, using whatever they can scrounge up to stay alive. In the case of Cobb Vanth, that survival tactic presents itself through his speeder made out of recycled pod racer parts. The episode concludes with the two parting ways as allies, and the beskar-clad bounty hunter rides off into the sunset with the Child at his side, per usual. The episode's story looked complete there, but there was one last surprise left for the fans.

By far the biggest Easter egg of The Mandalorian 's season 2 debut came in the form of the most fearsome bounty hunter to ever live: the legendary Boba Fettplayed by Temuera Morrison. From the moment of The Mandalorian 's conception, audiences have clamored for Fett to make his big comeback on the show at some capacity. After all, he and the series' main character are incredibly visually similar and they're in the same profession, so a crossover felt like a given. The season didn't do much to satiate this subset of fans, but thankfully for them, season 2 is going all-in.

For the past of months, news outlets reported on Morrison's casting and lit the social media world ablazebuilding serious anticipation for the show going forward.

Easter event

Now, at long last, Jango Fett's clone son is once again making his way to the forefront of the Star Wars universe — and by the looks of things, he's in no mood to make friends. He reports back and lets her know that the supposed Mandalorian frequenting Mos Pelgo was just a man in Mandalorian armor, but she reassures him that she can put him in contact with someone who can lead him to his people.

First, she introduces him to a brand-new character named Dr. Mandible: a giant, bug-like creature whose brief screen time carries with it a couple of meanings. For one, Dr. A member of the Killik species that may have been Dr. Mandible himself briefly popped up in the background of a episode of The Mandalorian — season 1, episode 5 — where they were seen sitting at the Cantina bar. When Mando first gets back to Mos Eisley after a long, strenuous walk across the desert, his first stop is at the local Cantina — the very same one from A New Hope — where he finds Motto in the middle of a high-stakes card game against Dr.

The scene doesn't last long, and their game isn't the focus by any means, but the cards in Motto's hands point to one of the Star Wars universe's favorite pastimes: a good old-fashioned game of sabacc. Sabacc is a staple of Star Wars — appearing in everything from books, TV shows, video games, and, obviously, a few of the movies. In the film, a young Lando Calrissian Donal Glover cheats a young Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich out of a game, but the Corellian smuggler later gets his future ally back by using his techniques against him to steal a win, walking away with the Millennium Falcon.

Just before departing for Trask, Mando and the Child wait inside Peli Motto's hangar for their passenger to arrive. As a token of their appreciation, they leave her with a portion of the Krayt Dragon meat they secured in the episode, which she cooks up rather peculiarly. A WED Treadwell droid holds up the cut of meat before the flames of a stationary podracer engine to roast it, referring back to a real-life Star Wars eatery located at Disney's Galaxy's Edge theme bandit breeding easter egg.

The restaurant in question is Ronto Roasters — a neat little place with a menu including something for everyone. While Ronto Roasters doesn't have any Krayt Dragon steaks for sale, one of its more decorative elements draws a neat parallel to this Mandalorian scene. At bandit breeding easter egg heart of the diner, you can watch droids "cook" food beneath a podracer engine in the same fashion as Motto's droid. Even though it's all for show at the amusement park, it's nice to see this method of food preparation make its way into Star Wars canon proper. Mando and the Child's journey with their passenger, the Frog Lady voiced by the legendary Dee Bradley Bakerand her container of eggs becomes a bit complicated since they can't utilize hyperspace travel for the sake of her unborn children.

Instead, they have to make the journey to the planet Trask at sublight — meaning that anyone looking for the titular Mandalorian, for better or worse, will have a much easier time finding him. That includes the New Republic's X-wing patrols, who press the bounty hunter relentlessly for information about his ship and his shady dealings. One pilot in particular likely stood out to seasoned Star Wars fans from the moment he arrived on-screen.

Following their crash-landing in the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian, the Child, and the Frog Lady are left to survive in the bitter cold of an unnamed ice planet. Fed up with Mando's sluggishness in repairing the ship, the Frog Lady wanders off into the snowy labyrinth and finds a hot spring for herself and her eggs to unwind for a bit. Concerned for their safety, Mando comes to let her know she needs to return to the ship, and his hunch was right. In a scene akin to something from Ridley Scott's Alienthe Child unintentionally awakens a den of spider-like creatures known as the Krykna.

The Krykna have a long, storied history in the Star Wars universe, first realized in legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's The Empire Strikes Back sketches and initially known as the Knobby white spiders of Dagobah. While they never appeared in that film, the Krykna eventually made their spine-tingling entrance during Star Wars Rebels ' second season, in the episode "The Mystery of Chopper Base.

The third episode of The Mandalorian 's second seasonentitled "Chapter The Heiress," brought the titular bounty hunter and his little green counterpart to the estuary moon of Trask, completing their mission to deliver the Frog Lady and her children back to her husband. After the pair makes a bumpy landing on one of the moon's sea-bound ports, the episode offers a closer look at its many residents — the bulk of whom belong to the Mon Calamari and Quarren species.