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Blazblue es

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Es is a well rounded character that has straightforward tools such as a fast projectile and a DP. Es's unique mechanics involve her Drive and her Bors buff.

Es's Drive allows her to set crests after certain attacks that deal damage after a set period of time. Es's Bors buff gives her the ability to use an enhanced version of each of her specials.

Es's normals also have amazing range that she can use to dominate the midrange safely. In short, Es has a strong neutral game. Es is not without her shortcomings, however. Her longer range moves have notable recovery.

She also has limited gatling options and mixup, she has more character specific routes than most, and without resources she has low to average damage. Despite these weaknesses, Es is rather friendly for beginners. Her execution barrier is low, and she can change her simple gameplan on the fly.

Short ranged wrist slap. Good for setting up stagger pressure, tick grabs, and jump cancellable on block. Can try to reset pressure with a jump or go straight into j. C instant overhead.

Be careful though, it can still be low profiled by things like Kokonoe's 2A or Izanami's 2B. Short ranged downward slash used primarily in combos. Shouldn't be used as a pressure or neutral tool. It's often best to use it as a whiff punish tool instead of a poking tool since 5C has a lot of recovery on whiff, making it risky to throw out. If you have a Bors buff though, the risk and rewards balance out more and it becomes feasible to use as a poke in some situations.

Mostly used at the beginning of pressure, similar to 5A. It's even on block and has little blockstun, making it a great for stagger pressure and tick throws. Please note though that the hurtbox on 2B is not particularly great and might lead to some trades. For this reason, you don't want to outspace your opponent with your pokes in general. You mostly want to counterpoke your opponent or catch them trying to do something in neutral. As an interesting extra, 2B moves Es forward and be kara canceled into throws and barrier.

A rising vertical swipe with the broword. Blazblue es most of its use in combos, but it can also be used as an anti-air in situations where 6B isn't the best choice. Es Overhead. It's slow but with the right variation of your pressure, you can open people up with it. As with most anti-airs though, make sure you aim to use this in situations where the opponent needs to commit to their jump in. Because of the high recovery on whiff, trying to use this against opponents dodging 6B by using additional air options or character blazblue es tools is a good way to get yourself punished.

It also sometimes used as a combo ender that will even allow you to go for a safe jump j. For the most part, 3C is a common combo tool.

Es mitsurugi

Sometimes as a combo ender because of its knockdown, sometimes as a means to sweep an opponent off their feet to make them airborne and sometimes to keep the combo going. For similar reasons, 3C can also be a good button to poke someone out of trying to dash back in and reset their pressure with buttons. Mostly used as an air to air poke because of its horizontal reach.

It also goes slightly upwards so it can be good for hitting someone higher up in the air than you are, like Izanami floating at super jump height. B can also be a pretty good jump in as well.


B is good against standing opponents and opponents at airdash heights, while j. BB is good against people on the ground both standing and crouching. C has a pretty huge hitbox, making it a great button for jump ins sometimes. You mostly want to use it from low to the ground air dashes and certain instances when you're falling down from a jump. Because j. C's hitbox hits so far below Es, you can also use it to do instant overhe.

However, as mentioned in the paragraph concerning jump ins, you can't cancel into anything on block so it's a risky option and it's usually best used when you have 50 meter to rapid cancel to keep yourself safe and extend the combo into something more damaging. C can also be used for safe jumps on oki from blazblue es enders. Also, while uncommon, microdash 5D oki after a midscreen Mordred ender can be a good way to catch no techs and people trying to delay tech. It also outranges many reversals.

D as a combo piece. Much like 5D though, any gatling into 2D has a gap that players can mash or jump out of so you need to vary your pressure well to catch opponents off guard and make these options less reliable to use. D combo piece that her better corner combos always have. It's also used in some variations of midscreen combos.

However, much like her other grounded drives, any gatling into 6D has a gap that can be jumped out of or standing mashed out of so be sure to vary your pressure well to make these less reliable options for them. Of all her drives, Es' j. D is probably the one with the most all around utility.

D is useful in a lot of midscreen and corner combos because it's untech time makes it easy to combo from a low to the ground j. D juggle. D is also pretty good for oki.

The j. D attack itself can catch different tech options depending on the combo ender. At the same time, the j. D Crest that gets placed can be useful for either resetting pressure, limiting your opponent's options or making an instant overhead j.

Air throw knocks down the opponent. You can pick it up by linking 5B or 6C but you can actually special it as well. The timing is a bit awkward though. You have to do it just a bit after the final of the air throw when she's slamming the opponent into the ground.

Has a lot of horizontal range so it can catch characters from further away. Just be sure to watch out for situations where counter assaults can be baited with jump cancels as the counter assault is lacking vertical range. Causes guard break on hit and can only be blocked with Barrier.

Takes a lot of the Barrier Gauge, and can be charged blazblue es take more Barrier or increase damage in combos. It doesn't really see much use in Es play since except for maybe the exception of a midscreen crouch confirm, Es Crush Trigger combos aren't very rewarding. In pressure, it can be an okay option to end a blockstring on a safe note if you try and go for a frame trap with 6C.

Es assumes a stance that powers up her next special attack. An icon will be displayed above your heat gauge when the buff is active.

June 11, !

Bors is a very useful asset to have because it's going to make random confirms hit harder and carry the opponent to the corner no matter where you are as well as help with your mixup and pressure. You can safely get a Bors buff by special canceling a 3C or 6C combo ender but there are also opportunities in neutral to get a Bors buff once you've gotten used to playing neutral with Es. Es performs a crouching over the shoulder swing followed by a massive upward slash.

It has a lot of reach in all directions, making it reliable as a reversal. That said, reversals like these are always a gamble so try to mostly use it when you blazblue es 50 meter to rapid cancel it or a burst to escape the punish combo you're going to take if your opponents baits your reversal.