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Carmel moore

Carmel graduated from Sydney University with distinction in She relocated to the Northern Rivers in where she has worked in hospitals, community health, residential care as well as private practise.

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What is my age: I'm 32 years old
Caters to: Man
What is my hair: Fair
I like to listen: I like rap
Other hobbies: Fishkeeping

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We help leaders and their teams to find the time for what matters most.

What we teach is mind-blowing, transformative and practical and all at the same time. It is a scintillating and intriguing combination!

There were limited career options back then, especially for women. I studied law in University followed by ancy despite having no natural passion for either. I was always deeply fascinated by how people lived at work, rather than simply the technical work they did.

All paths have converged in my current venture; being able to blend my professional victories and scars with the joy of helping people to liberate themselves from the shackles of meaningless work, is a blessing. Never, so I was often caught out for my lack of a five-year, or even one-year, plan as people seemed really hung up on me having one.

Carmel moore (co-founder)

I remember speaking at a breakfast for young women leaders a few years back and they all looked on in horrified disbelief to hear there was no plan. I see my life as a still evolving narrative and my career is one part of that. I have suffered from some major health issues along the way and decided that toughing these out and showing up despite it all was a good strategy.

A spine operation in was a real stinger and did force me to a halt and a reckoning with myself and the universe.

On reflection, my body had been trying valiantly to tell me to slow down and take stock, but I had pressed on, regardless. Horrible question to answer without sounding worthy and priggish!

On paper at least it should be becoming a London partner in a Big 4 ing firm. But moving on from that and starting a business with a purpose and mission I love at this stage in life feels like a bigger and way more satisfying achievement. My purpose has coalesced into working to ease the burden of the working world.

But up until the point at which I die, I think I will still believe that there is more to do, learn, achieve, give, enjoy. It depends on who you are asking.

The one moment company

My family, particularly my father, would say my relentless dedication to hard work thanks, dad, for the lifelong masterclass in hard work! I love it. Mentoring should be an essential part of business life for both the mentor and the mentee.

The best relationships are the ones where it works both ways. I offer him I hope wisdom and practical insight and in turn he shares his experience of being a young black man making his way in the professional working world. I wish I could help people to be more courageous in conversation in the moment.

We still place a heavy reliance on policies, forums, events, awards to promote Gender Equality which can feel very separate from the day-to-day issues. Dealing with it ONLY in private afterwards limits learning for everyone. Trust your gut in the moment; anytime you ignored it over the years, you regretted it. I love the work we do in The One Moment Company, so growing the business and staying true to its purpose excites me.

Carmel teresa moore

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