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Cat woman sex

Well, now we have some idea of what the Snyder Cut of Harley Quinn would look like. Zack Snyder has weighed in on the debate that's been raging since Monday of whether Batman would go down on Catwoman.

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But continues to be just full of surprises. Buried in an otherwise ordinary interview with Variety on subverting superhero tropes, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacher, co-creators of HBO Max's adult animated series "Harley Quinn," shared why a scene of Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman wound up being removed. Apparently, pleasing a woman is just not what heroes do, according to DC Entertainment, which ordered for the scene to be cut, and as nonsensical as this thinking seems to be, it certainly follows a long history of puritannical policing and erasure of female pleasure in movies and TV.

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A recent interview with the Harley Quinn showrunners revealed some surprising pushback they received over Batman and Catwoman's sex life.

Recently, Variety spoke to the showrunners of several superhero genre television shows about how they attempt to subvert the popular superhero tropes while still making good television. One quote from the article came from Justin Halpern, the co-creator and executive producer of Harley Quinn, where he spoke about the freedom he had by making a show about supervillains.

Halpern provided Variety with a surprising example from the upcoming season, which involved WB nixing a proposed sex scene featuring Batman and Catwoman. You absolutely cannot do that.

Variety noted that Halpern and co-executive producer Patrick Schumacker were still complimentary of their experience on Harley Quinnand that Warner Bros had allowed them to "push the envelope" multiple times. Still, the anecdote shows how protective Warner Bros is of some DC characters, especially when it comes to revealing their This isn't the first time that Batman has come under controversy because of how he's depicted.

Back inDC Comics chose to remove a sequence in Batman: Damned in which Batman stripped out of his costume and his nude profile was shown in silhouette. While that sequence appeared in the first run of Batman: Damned 1it was subsequently removed in both digital versions and the eventual collections. It's unclear whether Batman will be shown engaging in any sort of "un-heroic" actions when Harley Quinn returns to HBO Max for Season 3, which is set to debut later this year.

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