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I feel the need to say this first, because I think that sometimes people forget it: Celebrities are still people. If you run into a celebrity, and they're having a bad day, they might not act like the coolest person. Or they might be in a rush, or whatever.

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Celebrity encounters can truly be a mixed bag of experiences. When you spot a celeb outside in their day-to-day life, it can be difficult to tell if you should say hi or just let them go about their day. Sometimes, a great moment to introduce yourself can come at the worst time for the celebrity, causing a bad experience for everyone involved. Other times you might accidentally embarrass yourself in the process because of nerves. I had a friend who worked behind the scenes at Universal Studios Hollywood and loved to share this story whenever he had the chance.

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23 groupies who hooked up with their idols share their stories

And there are fewer ways to hammer this point home than hooking up with one of these people. Read on to see some of the wildest tales from groupies and friends of groupies who slept with their idols and lived to tell the tale.

On Reddit. I knew a girl that slept with Pitbull probably 10 years ago. She said he never took his shades off, even when they had sex.

A girl I know banged Aaron Carter after a meet and greet. I know two different girls who f—ked Tiesto regularly. He would fly them out to Vegas and Miami on rotation.

12 celebrity encounters from reddit that we can’t believe actually happened

Guy was in his 40s, flying out year olds. They liked traveling and he would fly their friends out too so they had company. When he left everyone in the crowd started trying to kiss her, because his lips had just been on hers. I spoke with the guy I was dating and we arranged it.

He still wore his Axel getup and quoted him, asked me to call him Axel Rose and it was the most cringeworthy experience of my life. A friend of a friend who was obsessed with Tim Burton, so she sent him a picture of herself naked, along with her address. They had sex, and he kept up the charade of not really being there all the way until he left.

Her obsession was cured. It was not me but within my sphere a girl hooked up with John Mayer like 10 years ago and he pissed on her afterwards. A friend of mine had sex with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, A. Search Search for: Search. s: 1 2 3 Next .