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Chloe 18 back to class

Developer: GDS Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

passionate cunt Hadleigh

Online: Yesterday


Developer: GDS Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

Years old: 24
Who do I prefer: Male
Eye tone: Clear gray-green
Sex: Fem
What I prefer to listen: Latin

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Chloe is back.

passionate latina Vienna

I have some issue with credit card …… can i pay you with internet transaction for patron version? I really wanna patron again but i gotta know if the mac version works or not, or if there even is one, i always used the browser version.

hot gal Ember

More like it crashes everytime you go alternative routes. So,yall in GDS. You know, I wonder if you can add pee desperation and thirst bar in one of your game, you can add some hidden new scenes if that bar is full at some location.

house wife Khalani

It can also raise a bit exhibitionism level just a bit and popularity or something like that. The guy that taught Chloe exhibitionism can be the doctor as well though.

naughty madam Annabelle

Contents of girls who are not submissive towards guys and only do something for money and difficult situations, like how Chloe does anything to be a cheerleader. I loves all your work, content and idea also skills at making games.

Chloe18 – back to class [free full version]

I think you are quite a pro already cause there is almost no game experience destroying bugs in your games. Well done. One more thing, maybe there can be two ways that Chloe got caught by his family members, if she gets caught by the school, his dad finds out and brings her to the doctor immediately. If she gets caught by online scammers, maybe just maybe you can add a brother or sister, or cousin found out about her on the website and she gets forced to do something in return so that her dad wont find out.

Chloe back to class [ongoing] - version: free full version

For how she got scammed by people online, you can have one of those people who fucked Chloe at the sex shop or some unknown people from the cafe that Chloe works in like that fatty. Maybe he took a picture of her secretly, when she is washing dishes at the cafe and spread it on some websites.

Just one thing though, I wanna remind you just in case you like my idea.

house madam Kaydence

I want you to be careful not to double up this scene. Well she can get busted again at school but punished in a different way maybe. Who knows maybe eventually found out that some teacher at school or counselor have a bdsm fetish and love spanking people or something… Well btw if she got caught by that fatty, or someone in the cafe or some other place.

pretty single Armani

Ohh btw Chloe might be somewhat pissed at that person and try to get revenge on that person who exposed Chloe online and then… idk… someone take over. Any help on getting in past security in the red light district?

white female Flora

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