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Claire quest

The first thing that I have to tell you about this game is that it is trying its best to try and be a bit different from the rest of the crowd so that right there makes this worth checking out….

lovely miss Dylan

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Years old: I'm 34 years old
Ethnic: Scottish
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got dark hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Female
What is the color of my hair: Fair
Favourite music: Dance
I like piercing: None

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Views 3, Downlo File size 2MB. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Apostle Guide and Walkthrough These are mostly for while I write the actual body of the guide, for people who are playin. F4 to change aspect ratio. Leave the house. Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord Refugee Camp and Forest After getting to The Crossro after the cutscene, go west and talk to The Checkpoint guards. Go east, then north into the Fallwater Forest.

Reaching Fallwater Heights, go up claire quest first stairs to get the Knife.

Cross the bridge over the waterfall west and go south. Talk to the Concerned Refugee and accept his quest. Buy a couple 2 more Fruit from the Fruit Seller.

Then talk to the Lecherous Refugee up by the fire and agree to be fondled. Go right and then down to talk to the Old Smuggler for the optional quest of paying him 50 silvers. Then go back north and east a bit and talk to the Mean Refugee.

Either option in the following choice works; no additional stats are gained.

Not worth it. Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord Now go east twice to The Crossro and head north, then east before the bridge. Go east to the Remote Riverside and help the Starving Youth.

Give him the Fruit and accept his quest. Go left and up and return to Fallwater Heights. Now keep going north until you can go west. Play dead from the pigboss. Investigate the other bushes or not, and leave the area.

Go down the ladder, interact with the gate, then go back up. Head back to the Refugee Camp using the southwest route. the queue. After the cutscene, leave the building and head down to Fort Amberley. After the dialogue, interact with the guard. After another cutscene, talk to Beth. Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord Now look out the gates.

Afterwards, speak to Beth again. However, resisting will no longer bring you to Rathpike—it instead le to The Winery in Valos. Head to the path on the right and go east. The ladder up le to the Hilltop Inn, but it is blocked right now. Hookton Village Head south into Hookton Village.

Beth leaves the party. Talk to the skipper down at the docks, then to the Shady Sailor to the east.

Then head into the Hilltop Inn. Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord Inside the inn, position yourself like so next to the Shifty Guy. Talk to Captain Grey, then pick up the Flint next to him. Then go to the bar and talk to the Boisterous Peasant and accept a drink from him. Claire quest Beer and use it; save scum until you get tipsy. Buy cheese, eat it, and rest. Move the drawer in the upper sleeping room.

Do the blowjob job in the latrine. Go outside and talk to the Indignant Refugee. Select any of the choices and accept his quest. Go inside and talk to Hamley if you want or just set the kindling alight. Go back into the pawn shop Village Store and buy a lockpick. Exit and go right, over the bridge, and talk to the Suspicious Man. Talk to him again and learn lockpicking.

Head down to the refugee camp. Talk with the Defiant Refugee and disagree with him. Go Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord back up and interact with the bucket with the woman behind it next to the bridge. Select Help her out.

Get Bread. Return to the Inn, eat a Fruit, and sleep. Help the Bakerwoman out again. Help the Bakerwoman again. Dine with the Bakerwoman. Go back to the Inn and sleep. Help out around the house again.

Select Confront him about the linens. Questline complete.

Head upstairs and lockpick the chest. Head back down and enter the stable.

By the end you should have around silvers. You can grind more silver here if you want. No longer true due to the Tigerlily gathering job introduced with Rathpike.

Pick Rathpike. For those still on 0. Prologue complete! Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord Rathpike West Rathpike Part 1 Go south and eavesdrop on the thieves in the corner. Go southeast and buy five 5 lockpicks from the Fence. Filch the lockbox.

Undercity Part 1 Head north into the Undercity grate. Head east a screen, then go east as far as you can until you reach a northern path. It also starts a questline that has no continuation in this build. Written by weirdo, hweirdo Patreon usernameweirdo on Discord The Undercity grates look like this.

Take the northern path. After the mini-cutscene, pick up the lockpick. And then she blows the merc. This is required if you want to see the stalker scene in the bar. Still bugged.