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Corruption of champions pregnancy

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There will be great gnashing of teeth pulling the egg related stuff to build a Dragon's Egg .

That will come later. I am very tired and need sleep.

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That and a few read with great sarcasm links to add. Ember is a Camp Follower found in her dragon's egg form in the Swampand may be born as a dragona dragon-morph or a demi-human, a malefemale or hermaphrodite. Ember is not finished with gestation and can be altered by Champion's actions or inactions.

A note found by Ember's egg asserts that the egg is all that remains of an ancient and extinct race of dragonswho were otherwise entirely wiped out by corruption causing new children to be born as Kobolds. The note begs the reader to take the egg and hatch Ember to restore the dragon race.

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When hatched, Ember will immediately become a Follower and may be spoken to like any other Follower. At any time, the player may offer to spar with Ember.

Winning will give a substantial affection boost. Ember is level 15 and very powerful, but poorly trained. Her attacks are mostly inaccurate, but deal high damage on a successful hit. Her most dangerous attack is her breath attack.

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Though somewhat difficult to do, Ember can technically lose by lust although defeating her this way will yield the same text as beating her normally. Ember has an Affection value along with most of the other romanceable characters.

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This meter influences her behavior when the player visits her, as well as her willingness to follow requests and commands; at higher values she will give her blood and will participate in sexual activities more beneficial for the player. Affection rises over time simply by interacting with Ember, and especially quickly by sexually servicing her or sparring with her.

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Ember has a Corruption meter which is affected by the player's interactions with her egg not implemented yet; only "Tainted" Ember is available as a middle ground. Using purified Incubi Draft or Succubi Milk will lower her Corruption while using these items in their normal or enhanced forms will increase it. Masturbating with the egg will lower its Corruption if the player's Corruption is under 50, or increase it if their Corruption is 50 or higher. Currently, only "Tainted" Ember, who represents Ember with moderate corruption scores, has been written.

Thusly, this is the only version that will be in the game by default, and it is considered her "default" state.

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Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Female Male or Herm.

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Dragon or Dragon-morph. Named NPCs. They aren't just named by whatever their species name is. Camp Companions.

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