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Money in video games has no set method of usage or ways of obtaining it, but most RPGs have a system where completing quests or defeating enemies provide you with more money. You would expect that to be how Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot handles it too, but that is not the case. Having Zeni will be important for purchasing healing items and such from stores, so this guide will break down how you can earn more Zeni in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

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Once shouting "Change, now! When it is finished, Ginyu is in the opponent's body, while they are in his own body. The individuals are shown to retain their own respective voices in their new bodies, making it harder for a person to impersonate the person they swapped with. In preparation for this technique, Ginyu usually begins by injuring himself in order to give a damaged body to his opponent.

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This technique appears to require the spoken component in order to work as shown he became trapped in a Namekian Frog. In the anime, he does not need to use actually speak through vocal cords as Bulma 's Universal Translator allowed him to change bodies with her. Later in Dragon Ball Superit was shown that this technique can alternatively be activated by an opponent by writing "Change" in the ground in the alien language and tricking his opponent into saying it, as Ginyu did on Tagoma.

While the Body Change gives Ginyu an advantage over powerful opponents by effectively swapping power levels from their new bodies, this is shown to have one drawback: any host changing bodies must take time to get used to their new body before they can use its full power.

This is already problematic enough if the body in question is vastly different from his own, but in situations where the key to accessing the body's maximum power is not anything he knows, or even anything strictly working within the body itself, it can become crippling to his output in relation to what its usual host is capable of. This is made clear in the case of his swap with Goku, result in Ginyu bearing a relatively dim power dbz exchange of 23, Ginyu's special ability originated during his childhood: when Ginyu first learned of his Body Change ability, he swapped bodies with the richest kid in his class.

Ginyu is first seen using this attack against Goku after seeing Goku's great increase in his power level through the Kaio-ken technique.

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He and Jeice then flew off to find the Namekian Dragon Ballswith an injured Goku trapped in Ginyu's body slowly following behind. Once arriving back at the base, Ginyu is surprised to find the Dragon Balls dug up by Krillin and Gohanchoosing to feign being Goku, Ginyu attempts to get Krillin to tell him how to use the Dragon Balls, once it becomes clear that the earthlings do not know how to use the Namekian Dragon Balls, Ginyu drops the charade and attacks them.

Goku soon arrives, explaining to his son and best friend the situation. Goku then tricks Ginyu into attempting to power-up more, ultimately to instead greatly weaken himself from his lack of familiarity with Goku's different body structure. As Ginyu begins adjusting to Goku's body and regains control of the battle, Vegeta dbz exchange Jeice and proceeds to attack Ginyu, by quickly pummeling him and knocking him down into the ground.

As Vegeta charges towards Ginyu, the captain attempts to use his Body Change technique against Vegeta. However, before the beam could hit Vegeta, Goku jumps in the way and got his body back while Ginyu got his. Ginyu soon used his Body Change in a final dbz exchange to switch bodies with Vegeta again.

However, before the beam could hit Vegeta, Goku threw a Namekian frog in front of the Body Change beam, trapping Ginyu's mind in the frog's body and vice-versa, to which the frog hopped away in Ginyu's body. Vegeta chose to spare Ginyu, figuring being trapped in the body of a frog was punishment enough. In the fillerthe frog-bodied Ginyu is unable to switch to a different body as the frog is incapable of speech.

However, he encounters an abandoned Bulma who, lonely and wishing for someone to talk to, builds a device that would allow her to understand him, unaware of who he truly is.

With the aid of the device, Ginyu takes control of Bulma's body while trapping her in the frog's. Using Bulma's air bike, Ginyu journeys to the battlefield where Frieza is fighting Goku. However, he is unable to keep up the ruse for very long as he is prone to rooting for Frieza out loud, and frog-bodied Bulma tries to warn Gohan.

Eventually, Gohan realizes Ginyu is in Bulma's body and Ginyu is forced to defend himself.

Knowing Bulma's body is too weak, Ginyu tries to steal Piccolo's body, but Gohan quickly throws the frog-bodied Bulma between the two, resulting in Bulma regaining her body and Ginyu returning to the frog's body. Ginyu then proceeds to use Body Change in order to switch bodies with him. Unlike with his use on Planet Namek of this technique, Ginyu was able to quickly adjust to Tagoma's body, able to focus the body's true capabilities and power-up to full power, well-beyond what Tagoma showed.

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Upon which, Ginyu revealed himself to Frieza and reasserted himself within Frieza's ranks. Presumably, Ginyu was able to adjust more quickly to Dbz exchange body as he was a member of Frieza's Army like Ginyu, meaning Tagoma likely possessed similar abilities and training as Ginyu, though Ginyu was more experienced allowing him to draw out greater power from Tagoma's body allowing him to take full advantage of the training that Tagoma's body had received from sparring with Frieza.

In the original present timeline, Zamasu sought Goku's power to enforce his " justice " and decided to use the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with him. After gaining Goku's body, he immediately traveled to Earth, where he killed Goku who was in Zamasu's body and his family in cold blood. This Zamasu would go on to become Goku Black.

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If Ginyu uses this technique in Legend of the Super SaiyanGoku can be stuck in Ginyu's body for the rest of the game. It can be countered with a Namekian Frog card. If the player chooses to stay in Ginyu's body, Goku is able to use the Body Change in all enemies, making the bosses much easier.

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2when Ginyu uses the Body Change, instead of switching bodies with his opponent he picks a random character and he cannot use their transformationsBlast 12 or Ultimate Blast. In Budokai Tenkaichi 3he switches bodies with a random character either Goku MidPiccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Jeice, or Nailhowever as that character, he will be unable to use any of their transformations, Blast 1, Blast 2, or Ultimate Blast techniques nor will he be able to return to his own body.

In Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate TenkaichiGinyu in Goku's body is counted as a transformation for Ginyu, making him a separate character from his regular form. In Dragon Ball Xenoversethe Body Change technique makes a successful return and dbz exchange portrayed for the first time since Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi as a technique that swaps the user with their target. Also, for the first time, it is portrayed as a technique that can be learned; the Future Warrior can learn the technique if they select Ginyu as their Master and successfully completes his training.

The Body Change switches health, bodies, and, as in the anime series, voices as well. When the Body Change is used by one character in a match, it cannot be used again by any individual, even if they switch with another Body Change user.

It is also possible to play as Goku in Ginyu's body as an alternate costume skin for Goku and Ginyu in Goku's body as an alternate costume skin for Ginyu. In Dragon Ball Fusionsthe character description for Shorny a female member of Ginyu's race mentions that her entire strategy is based around the Body Change.

Body Change itself appears as a Special Move. Unaware of the Body Change, Elder Kai who was examining the Scroll of Eternity that showed the change wondered what Vegeta was up to only for Future Trunks to reveal that Ginyu had switched bodies with his father. However, it turns out to be a trap and Ginyu catches Trunks off-guard allowing him to steal Trunks' powerful body. In Trunks' body, Ginyu appears just in time to save Jeice, performing his fighting pose revealing his theft of Trunks' body to the Warrior.

Soon Trunks arrives in Ginyu's body and convinces Goku to let him dbz exchange in fighting Jeice and Ginyu, though tells him to spare Ginyu's life as he needs him to undo the change due to the changes in history Goku does not know of Ginyu.

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Eventually, Ginyu is forced to switch bodies and Trunks uses the opportunity to shield Goku and return to his original body. Afterward, Goku is grabbed from behind by Turles allowing Ginyu to steal Goku's body and in order to be able to give himself a better chance of killing Goku when he is in Ginyu's body. However Ginyu is defeated once more and tries to swap bodies with the Future Warrior, but Goku jumps in the way, allowing him to return to his original body. Ginyu tries to steal the Warrior's body a second time but Goku stops him by throwing a Namekian Frog, causing Ginyu to swap bodies with it like dbz exchange the original history.

Ginyu in Vegeta and Future Trunks' bodies also appear as alternate skins for Ginyu. The Warrior must perform Emote 8 : " What the?! As a result, Zamasu is left helpless in Ginyu's less powerful and weakened body, ironically falling victim to having Goku's stolen body being stolen by a more experienced body swapper.

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