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Dragon age tranquil inquisitor

The Tranquil are mages who went through the Rite of Tranquility and belong to the Formari of the Circle. The Rite cuts off the connection to the Fadeand the Tranquil can no longer dream nor draw on the Fade to perform magic. As a side effect, their emotional center is utterly removed, which makes them undesirable to be possessed by demons in the first place.

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That would be quite cool. Being a tranquil turned "normal" Inquisitor and then realising you have the capacity for emotion and possibly magic. You see the world in a different light and this gets conveyed through dialogue.

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I've only just beat the first Pride Demon, and now I'm sort of at a loss. The Tranquil from what I've seen lack emotions and rely solely on logic. If one were to become the head of what's to be an empire, what would they do? There wouldn't be a preference to choose between Mage or Templar support, and if there was, it would be so minute that it likely wouldn't make a difference.

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I feel like an Inquisition lead by someone with basically no morals would be disastrous, but I'm not sure. The lack of emotional expression can also be a detriment to charisma. There is also evidence that Tranquil are also more susceptible to suggestion, as implicated in the events of Kirkwall, where submissive Tranquil calmly accepted being sexual property of abusive Templars.

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It is therefore unlikely that a Tranquil could run, let alone maintain, an organization of the Inquisition's magnitude. If it doesn't work out, have you considered playing as an ex-Tranquil? Somebody made a Tranquil Inquisitor who was re-connected to the Fade via the Anchor, naturally, so she regained her mind.

Some tragic implications for the end of Tresspasser there, if we consider it temporary. I like to think it permanent, just like Cassandra's reversal. In addition to the obvious Fade connection of the Anchor, there may be other problems with a Tranquil Inquisitor - e. Tranquil are severed from the Fade, but the Tranquil Inquisitor would be physically in the Fade twice!

If a spirit touching their minds would reverse Tranquility, being in the Fade might do so as well. But yeah, I think Tranquil generally don't lack in morals - they lack in emotion. They are generally exceedingly moral by default - they will always tell the truth, I believe.

It would be more like being led by an Inquisitor who had no feelings, and instead did what was most logical, expedient, efficient, and effective at all times, even to the detriment of themselves. They are not comfortable leading, and may even refuse such a role. So, this is just going to be my two cents here: While everyone in the thread so far is correct, in that a Tranquil Inquisior wouldn't work out, it's no fun- so let's slam this idea into something that works.

It sounds like you are play the Inquisitor as someone who is currently tranquil, but what if you weren't? Here me out here- Your inquisitor could have been made tranquil, lived as such for years, but when marked by the anchor, and suddenly connected to the fade, your tranquility was reversed.

The anchor let's dwarves dream See Solas approval scene with a dwarfso I'll fight anyone who says this isn't possible.

[dai spoilers] so i'm playing as a tranquil

This lets you play as normal, but keep that head canon and probably the tranquil brand mod you probably have. Naturally there are holes to this, as to why you came in screaming to break up the orb ritual, but you can always head canon that away, perhaps your templar master told you to or something? Your choice! Anything goes!

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But if you want to play as a current tranquil, it's going to be harder. Let's push aside that any voice acting of the inquisitor has too much emotion for a tranquil, although that may end up bothering you. If your only problem is how to choose, I think the answer is in your companions.

Think of the tranquil inquisitor as a puppet. Right now, for the mages or templars, you have four voices weighing in on the subject- Cassandra and Cullen for the templars, and Josephine and Leliana for the mages. A tranquil inquisitor must do as they are told, and they are told to choose. The next logical opinion would be to either a.

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Or perhaps Vivienne, as she is a leading figure in the mage community. I want tickets to this. I'll sell tickets to this. And popcorn.

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As someone who's played through as a Tranquil and then my warden as Inquisitor, I approve of your defense of the creative endeavors of others. However, you could get through it. Tranquils they dont exactly have an opinion of their own so they're carrying others' opinion, so maybe ask the others for a vote. Ask Sera, Varric, etc who they support and decide on that. First, Tranquil aren't completely without preferences.

Tranquil inquisitor part 1

There are some in DA:O that prefer to survive rather than be killed by demons. There's also than one you can recruit as an agent in Inquisition.

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Tranquility seems to be a spectrum; some Tranquil are high functioning and some like Ander's ex Karl can't fathom any emotion. You can either follow Leliana's analysis to it's conclusion and recruit the mages, or follow Cullen's speculation and recruit the Templars. I personally think the mages are the logical option.

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So if I'm recalling correctly, the tranquil used to be mages. Also, the tranquil although emotionless, DO have preferences. I remember one saying "it would be better not to die" at some point. As for their servitude Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Preconceptions, careless trust Continue this thread.

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I made sure to mentally read it in droning monotone. I would yell, books would be stabbed.

Dirthara Ma. The way I see it you have two options: 1. Either way, have fun, and headcannon your heart out, dude. Var lath vir suledin. Ye, a Tranquisitor Wouldn't really work. Hope that helps. More posts from the dragonage community.

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