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F95zone lust epidemic

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slut ladies Karen

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How old am I: 31
Where am I from: Malaysian
My gender: Woman
My figure features: My body features is chubby
What I like to listen: Folk
In my spare time I love: Yoga
Stud: Ear piercing
Smoker: No

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Carefully read the dialogues. Let's start. First floor, in the library: Read the paper on the table next to Val it's a hint. Pick up the coin in the bottom left corner. Talk to Simon.

Choose: "Berate Simon". Go North. Read the newspaper on the table. Go East, now.

Enter the men's toilet. In the toilet: touch the sparkle on the west wall.

Choose: "look in the wall". Get out of the men's toilet.

Pick up the Security Access card in the upper left corner. NOTE: everytime you get a Security access card you can right-click and open the map: you can see the green door that you just unlocked this way. Get out of the women's toilet. Go west.

Read the writing on the blackboard it's a very important hint! Get out of the room. Go South back to the library.

In the library: talk to Val twice. Give her the bottle of water. Go South out of the library. Go West you should be in the chapel foyer, now.

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Go West to the West Tower. You meet the beautiful Kat. Choose: "Lie". Kat will ask you for a book: Touch the sparkle on the vase north wall : you will get a desk key. Go back to the library E, E, N. The new Security card just unlocked another room: get out of the room, and enter the Northwest door green light over it : Take the book on the right.

Take the heart container on the left. Touch the sparkle: you'll find out that you can't unlock the drawer, by now. Get out of the room and go East.

Talk to Amber. Choose: "backhanded compliment".

You just added a red heart to Amber. You can go to Katherine, now. Get out and go back to Katherine in the West tower: Firstly, before talking to her, choose "Heart Up" and use a Heart Container on her.

She will have 2 empty heart slots, now. Talk to her and give her the book. Kat will leave and go upstairs: you just added a red heart to Kat. Buddie the security guard will come and throw you out of the west tower.

Go to the library and talk to the ladies: Amanda will tell you to investigate. Go to Andy the creepy dweeb: from library, go north, then east.

Talk to Andy. It's time to see the security guard. Go south and talk to him: There's a sparkle in the fountain: reach for it. Buddie will react: go west and talk to Simon. Online Preview Download. All rights reserved.

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