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Family reunion walkthrough

This is quest available from that table full of papyri you saw in the prologue- letters from townsfolk in need of aid. This one is technically a Level 2 quest, but it takes place right next to a heavily guarded Level 5 quest area, so watch your step. The area in question is the Temple Of Amun.

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This of our guide to Greedfall contains a detailed description of Family Reunion companion quest commissioned by Vasco. Where to start the quest? Travel to Madame Morange in New Serene and interrogate her.

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Once started be sure to track the quest to find out that your objective is to locate and rescue a man named Tenemun and some farmers.

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The closer you are to your target, the smaller the reticle will get. Enemies spotted this way will be instantly tagged, so you can better avoid them… or catch them unaware.

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Scale some cliffs and make your way around the northern edge of the Temple of Amun to reach the camp where Tenemun is being held. Be wary, though, as this is a restricted zone, meaning enemy soldiers will attack you if they detect you.

This is also a good chance to test out your sneaking and combat abilities, and frankly, both of them are heavily weighed in your favor at this point. Finally, nearby enemies will cause the edge of the screen to glow white in the direction in which they are located, helping prevent any accidents.

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When the coast is clear, open the cage to find Tenemun, who is in no condition to walk out of here. Ride near the marked peasant and dismount when prompted to chat with the aforementioned peasant, after which grab Tenemun off your mount and head to the marked location to complete the quest.

Senu can spot your mission targets by zoning in on them left. When you find Tenemun, carry him away from the camp right.

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In the chaos caused by this political upheaval, a shadowy conspiracy seeks the mysteries buried under the sands of Egypt, not sparing any who stand in the way of their ambitions. One such aggrieved individual, Bayek, a Medjay from Siwa, now seeks revenge against this secret organization.

Where to start the family reunion side quest?

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Assassin's Creed: Origins. Guide » Walkthrough » Prologue » Family Reunion.

Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove. View Full-size. Guide includes a complete walkthrough of all main quests, side quests and points of interest.

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Ideal chronological order walkthrough. All Stone Circle locations and solutions. Strategies for defeating all Phylakes. Log in Up.