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Family sex story

Naye college ki buri sangat ne mujhe bigaad diya aur meri nazar meri Behan ke liye badal gayi. Fir maine uske saath sex karne ki koshish ki. .

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Mai interview ke liye gayi aur mujhe kisi hotel me jagah nahi mili.

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The time was 1 pm in the afternoon. He directly went to the bedroom for changing his clothes. Ammu took a glass of water and went to the bedroom to give it to him.

As soon as she opened the door, she was shocked. Ammu had not seen such a big penis till now, and she was confused about what to do. Ammu gave him the water glass and left the room. Hi, my name is Ammu. Family sex story am 30 years old from Hyderabad with a figure of This story is about what happened in our family during the lockdown days. This is a very long story, so I will be posting it in a few parts. My mom is 50 years old, with 34 sized boobs and my elder sister Rekha is 33 years old with 38 sized boobs.

We all stay in a 2 BHK apartment. Dad and mom sleep in one bedroom with an attached-bathroom. Rekha and I sleep in another bedroom. Coming to my story, as you all know, in the lockdown everybody was sitting at home and getting bored.

Dad used to go to the shop and come back by 1 pm. As we were staying at home, Rekha and I had decided not to wear a bra and panty at home. We used to wear only t-shirts and track pants or sometimes, only shorts and a t-shirt to keep our private parts aired.

Family sex stories

This gave a nice show at our home to my dad and mom. After this, we have seen a change in dad. He observed that Rekha and I were not wearing a bra at home and our nipples were visible.

I used to see that there was a tent in his lungi. That night we were discussing this and started thinking about how he would be controlling his penis which was standing inside. She stood near the door and heard the sounds coming from inside.

Rekha was unable to control herself and went to her room and shared the same with me. She told me that our parents were having sex and mom was enjoying herself. This created greater interest in us, and we have decided to do some more skin show and tempt our dad.

I knew that he will be sleeping in the afternoon. I went to take my bath at 2 pm and came out only with a towel wrapped around me, which was covering my boobs but ended above my thighs. Both my dad and mom saw me half nude. I went to my room to wear a dress. Rekha was sitting in the hall and was enjoying seeing what I did. I removed my towel and started applying body lotion. Rekha came to the bedroom and was shocked to see me nude, and got tempted. She came and hugged me. Even I got tempted and we both started kissing each other. Just then our mom came to our room and saw us like that, and started shouting.

Family sex

Mom: What were you girls doing? Why were you both exposing yourselves at home, and why were you roaming half nude at home? We are not going anywhere outside.

So, we also want to keep our private parts free like you both do. We are being like this at home and within the family. Mom: You have become shameless to speak to your mom like this. Ammu, why are you roaming half nude in front of your father?

Ammu: Dad is enjoying watching our boobs and skin. You can also see and enjoy. If he had any problem, he would have informed you, but instead of that, he is fucking you daily. That night, we all were having dinner in the hall sitting down. My father folded his lungi up and sat down. Rekha and I both can see his penis clearly. Even my mom saw that. She was confused about what was happening at home. We knew that dad will be fucking family sex story very hard that night. So, we decided to go near their door and listen to their fucking sounds.

Dad: My daughters are openly showing their nipples to me.

Then, why should I have any problem? I enjoy watching them and let them enjoy seeing my penis. You can even roam nude in the house.

Rekha pulled me close and started kissing me. We were passionately kissing for some time. Rekha also started playing with my boobs. Soon, we became nude. I was on top of Rekha and started sucking her big boobs. I did fingering to myself many times, but when Rekha was doing it to me, I was going mad.

Her pussy was fully shaved. She lifted her legs and gave me full access to her pussy. She was making sexy sounds and lots of liquid came from her pussy. My lips were fully wet. Rekha pulled me and licked all the juice and tasted her own juice. Then, Rekha pushed me on the bed and she started licking my pussy.

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She gave the taste of my liquid to me. It was our first lesbian sex.

We enjoyed it a lot and slept nude like that. The next day in the morning, our mom came to wake us up and saw us sleeping nude! She shouted and asked us what was happening? Ammu: We heard last night how dad was fucking you, and you were making sexy sounds. He has fucked you very hard, we know that.

Thinking of that, we both played with each other. Ammu: Yes mom, we saw it last night while having dinner. It was so big and dark.

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How can you take such a big penis in your pussy? Mom: OMG, both my daughters have such big boobs and clean pussies.

No doubt your dad is getting tempted looking at your boobs.