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Futa incest stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 15th of February Report. Introduction: Deidre's wish to have sex with her little sister is answered by the futa-fairy!

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Futa stories

It was originally created by an author known as "cuteycindyhoney" on another website dedicated to Futanari erotica. For those who don't know, futanari also known as "futa" are fully-formed hermaphrodites.

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I initially wrote this story as part of a contest, with CCH's permiss You wake up, your eyes only half open as you look to your alarm clock beeping next to your bed. It's time to get up and ready for the big day ahead of you. Today is the first day of high school for you, a nineteen year old male, in this new town.

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Moving into a new town meant that you had no friends, no connection Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. For the purposes of this story children don't start school until after age 8 which is why they can be 18 and still in high school.

Futa mom stories

This story involves a lot of humiliation of the main character, futa on male action, incest, and other fringe fetishes. If these aren't your thing turn back now.

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I also wanted to give credit and thanks to the artist Mafen for the above picture which helped inspire this story. The hall is quiet.

Crosswinds chapter 1

You were pretty sure nobody was at home. You creep carefully d The next few days went about as routine as could be in the futa world of Anne. She'd wake up, notice her cock was a little bigger, her mother would take her to school, she'd fuck Bree a little, play around with some other girls, and go back home.

Patricia had told Anne that she had to stay home the rest of the week, though she hadn't given her a reason in pa Erik walks up to the front door of his home and pulls out his keys from his backpack.

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Unlocking the door and walking inside he takes a moment to stretch. Feeling relieved that finals are over and he isn't going back to school for a while he starts walking to the kitchen to grab a snack. Grabbing a protein bar and an apple he continues to his room, turns on h Jane was bent over on her bed with her skirt thrown on the floor as Bree's tongue was lodged firmly in her ass.

Futanari incest stories

Both sisters were also excitedly rubbing their own clits and moaning loudly. Anne didn't say anyt You wake up this morning to the sight of your younger sister Sarah pulling your covers off of you.

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In my small town, their are only so many interesting things someone as young and smart as me can spend their time doing. That leaves me with the one thing So she entertained herself the rest of the day, watching all of the gi SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Futa Mom Stories 84. Sort by: Best match Most recent.

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On Off. Auto-Genesis Pt.