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Gabriel knight sins of the fathers 20th anniversary edition walkthrough

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father.

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Read the newspaper on the desk. Head into the back room through the curtains. Take the hair gel from your bathroom and the flashlight from the right side of the dresser. Head back to the front of the store and talk to Grace - make sure you ask about messages 4 times to get them all. Grab a book of German poetry from the top left bookshelf, and a book on snakes from the top right bookshelf. Pick up the tweezers and magnifying glass from the right side of the desk.

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Companies People Platforms Engines. Game menu. Easter eggs. Tech support. Making of. Follow The Sierra Chest. Pinkerton Road Studio. Gabriel Knight Series.

AdventureAdventure: 2D animated. Game menus and settings Gameplay Text walkthrough with point list and achievements Steam Achievements Differences between the original game and the remake Video walkthrough Game characters Inventory items. The game has a total possible score of points. In the dialog boxes, the yellow-marked topics are essential for the plot to continue. Achievements are applicable to those who purchased the game from Steam.

Talk to Grace about everything, particularly ask about messages 2 and voodoo research 2. Dixieland Drugstore and Historical Museum of Voodoo are unlocked on the map. Examine the box on the table, get Gabriel's father's sketchbook 1 and read it in inventory 1.

Examine the German-English dictionary to learn some German words - particularly 'Drei' three and 'Drachen' dragon. For fun: use the ladder, take or look at Grace, use or look at welcome mat, look at chandelier, use or look at painting, use or look at the cash register. Enter the police station and talk to Officer Frick behind the counter. Ask about the photos, Detective Mosely 2 and the crime scene.

After the conversation, Gabriel gets an envelope 1. Open it in inventory 1 and look at the photos. Walk around the Square, go to the mime and make him following Gabriel, leading him to the policeman this may take a few attempts. The cop will chase the mime Mime After Mime Achievement. Gabriel meets Mosely at the scene.


Check the blood where the body was. Examine the marks on the sand and use the sketchbook on them. Examine the tracks by the tree at right. Use the up arrow twice until a small shiny greenish thing is seen on the sand 1. Use the magnifying glass on it. While on enlarged view, use the tweezers to get the snake scale 2 Snake Hunter Achievement. Look around at everything. Check the shrine left of door. Note and take the flyer at top right on the wall 2. Magentia Moonbeam's location is available on the map. Talk to Dr. John, about all topics Voodoo Studies Achievementincluding historical voodoo 2current voodoo 2 and Marie Laveau 2.

Exit the museum and try to go to the Moonbeam residence - a states she will be back on June 22nd. Head for Dixieland Drug Store. Notice the yellow post it above the thermostat left of Mosely's door. Use red arrow on the thermostat to raise the temperature to Enter Mosely's office. Mosely removed his coat. Ask Mosely about coffee 1 and get Mosely's badge from his coat while he's out of his office 3 Identity Thief Achievement. Go to officer Frank's and ask her the case files 2. Look at them in inventory and return them to Franks.

Enter Mosely's office and ask about photos 2. When officer Frank's is in with her camera, tell to check your hair. Get the case files from Franks' inbox and use them on the copier 5 Unauthorized Copy Achievement. Return the case files to Franks'inbox 1 and re-enter Mosely's office to finish the photoshoot.

Go to the top right of the Square to see an artist chase his painting that blew away. Talk to the artist. Show him the patterns.

Try to get the blown sketch from inside the fence enclosure. Look at the tap dancer and talk to him. Try to talk to the vendor.

Give the book store gift certificate to the vendor for a Doobie hot dog. Give the sketch to the artist 1. Show the lake pattern 1 and photocopy of the case files 2 to the artist. Talk to Malia about all topics, leaving 'flirt with her' as last option Southern Charmer Achievement. Go to the bedroom and use the phone to dial the Cazaunoux s from the Grace gave, and When you hear an old lady naming her dog Castro, you have the right - and her dog's name.

Next call the vet, listed on the same and say you're worried about Castro to get Madame Cazaunoux's home address Stalking Achievement. Look at the fortune telling booth - the proprietor, Madame Lorelei, starts dancing.

Use the gear icon on her 1. Pick up the veil she dropped 1look at it in inventory and get the snake scale 2. Compare the veil snake scale with the lake snake scale 1 to see it doesn't match. Enter the right confessional. Note the knothole on the wall.

Use the kneeler and make confessions until the priest goes on lunch break. Enter the priest's booth, look in the box left of the window.

Check the oil and get the priest collar 1. When asked to bless the snake bracelet, use the clay on it to get an impression Making An Impression Achievement. Read the newspaper - the police closed the voodoo murders case. He also learns about a jeweler at the Napoleon House.

Talk to Grandma completely Grandma's Boy Achievement. Ask about the family: mother, father, and grandfather 2. Go to the attic, open the old trunk, move the cross, then move the picture and take the key hidden underneath 1.

Close the trunk. Operate the mechanical clock. Turn the symbols to have the dragon on top and turn the minute hand until it shows clue for this puzzle is the 'Drei Drachen' poem. Insert the key from the trunk on the keyhole and turn the key Three Dragons Achievement - secret. Take the photo and letter inside the clock drawer 5look at the photo and read the letter 1 in inventory. Go downstairs, show the letter and photo to Grandma and ask her about Schattenjaeger, Heinz Ritter 2 and Wolfgang Ritter 1. Take the left path to the Wright tomb.

Talk to the deceased and a squirrel knocks over the vase in front of the tomb. Look at the shards and get the 20 dollar bill. This little puzzle was added in the 20th anniversary release of GK1. Ask Grace about messages and Wolfgang's phone 1go to the bedroom and call him at 2 .

Gabriel knight: sins of the fathers: 20th anniversary edition

Talk to Willy and give him dollars to purchase the crocodile mask 2 What a Croc! Achievement - secret. Look at and talk to Sam in the purple jacket. He doesn't want to talk. Give him the Master Gamblin Oil 1 and tell him that Markus uses it, that it is powerful voodoo oil and that it could make a nun get lucky.