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Gay demon erotic stories

Reviewed 22 Jul nextdoortaboo. Next Door Taboo offers fauxcest action between stepbrothers or stepsons and stepfathers sucking and fucking, as well as step-cousins and brothers-in-law.

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Reviewed 21 Jul himeros.

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Demon's journey: the bar

Zelion glared at the s in the book in front of him, the words blurring together. He had been studying for three hours straight and he needed a large cup of coffee to keep him focused. He sighed and sat up straight. You don't know how you got here. You closed your eyes quickly entering a deep sleep and the next thing you knew you were here.

Demon's journey: the bar

Not that you knew where here was. Everything was pitch black. So dark in fact that you coul The sacred knife rested in Eric's pocket. He sat by the bar, his back to the balcony, and watched the young stripper on the pole.

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His tanned skin was shining under the crimson light of the nightclub. He moved like a gracious snake, ready to attack, but tempting you to come closer.

Eric couldn't help but feel a stirring. That kind of exotic beauty made him go Dyrnwyn sizzled as heavy raindrops fell on the blade, but the eternal fire was never extinguished.

Shepherd used the back of his hand to push the long black hair from the left side of his face. He had considered, more than once, just cutting all of his hair evenly.

But he did like the long hair on the left, and the short hair on the right. Having it all shor The angel darted through the corridor as fast as he could.

Gay erotic stories

He pulled down tables and potted plants as he ran past, blocking the passage. He hoped to delay the three demons that were chasing him. He only needed to buy himself enough time to get outside. Then he could fly out of the labyrinth that served as a barrier between the holy and demonic realms and ret You know when you see someone that stops you in your tracks and your jaw drops?

Someone so gorgeous that the world seems to slow down around you?

Gay demon stories

Emanating from you is this tingling energy but you can't quite describe it. It's like static attraction, pulling you across the room, making you wanna follow that person to the ends of the earth. That happened to m Originally submitted elsewhere as Yoko Hiko. So utterly enticing, the scent of flesh. Though it had been many centuries since he had caught the scent on his petrified nose, the demon of desire knew the scent much too well.

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How long he waited to revel in the scent of flesh on flesh, human sin. Oh yes, how he couldn't wait. Asmodaios, stuc Given that I couldn't find an appropriate place to insert the ages of the characters involved, let me assure you here that all are eighteen or older. The day's chill turned his breath to a liquor-laden mist. The tanner rolled hi The following is a fantasy story involving humiliation, degradation, non-consensual sex and mind control.

Gay demon stories

All characters in this story are 18 year old or older. Its rider, a light blond man wearing light armour, appeared to betray no expression as he caught sight of a small village further SmutMD Log in.

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Gay demon stories

Gay Demon Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Spellbound by Gweall on Aug 18,