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Girls in the big city

This show is about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to live her dreams and aim at her aspirations.

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In today's world a girl can do everything, she can be a stunning actress or an inspiring director, she can land up to the moon or can equally contribute to the army like any of her male counterpart, she can be an entrepreneur or an employer, she can be an inventor or a saviour, the list goes limitless! But, nothing comes easy to her.

Girl in the city

A girl has to fight hard and even more if at all she is a small town girl. With transformation of thoughts and risen education level, girls from small cities or towns and even villages have become ambitious in life, with a dream to touch the sky. They aspire to compete with the world to make a place of their own.

They want themselves to be counted in the self-dependent lot, who have an identity equivalent to the rest. However, their struggle totally varies!

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With the scope and opportunities almost nil in small cities, transition to bigger cities becomes a necessity. Equally bright students who hail in smaller cities are willing to opt quality education, yet the move is imperative.

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Needless to say, for a small town girl first step in the fast moving cities start with surprises and adjustments. She has to adjust with the thought process as girls in metros are a little fast forward, nothing against it, but small town girls take time to match, as they have been grown up with a divergent mind-set.


Owing to the upbringing, adjustment becomes really difficult at times. If at all they get welcoming folks, life is set, else a bizarre! Safety is an issue in bigger cities and some of the small town girls can't report anything going wrong with them, because they have the fear of being called back home, which goes against the career aspirations they have.

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Since they are not well informed about the cities and its whereabouts, they stand a bigger chance of being exploited and they are the last ones to raise their voices against it. Like safety even commuting becomes a major concern for them in the initial years.

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There are times when some of the girls are even questioned about petty things, like the kind of diction they have or the dressing scene they flaunt. There are instances when they are acknowledged as villagers, how unpleasant is this.

In-short struggle is so protuberant for small town girls in big cities. If the willpower and determination is strong they will continue and achieve the desired goals with no looking back, and if not than their career objectives do take a back seat no matter how sharp they are.


Small town girls do dream high but sometimes their wings get clipped, as the level of struggle for them has no end. However the experience make them a great fighter and an extraordinary professional. Thus it becomes really hard for them to struggle with the big city life. No matter how brainy they are, they often become the object of prejudice.

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Nervous and sceptical about how this city is going to treat me, yet super excited about my first step towards career. I always wanted to pursue a successful career in communications taking baby steps at first and then conquering the world.

A small town girl in the big city!!!

Being determined, I always wanted to be on the top. Darwin's theory 'survival of the fittest' was and is becoming more relatable for me. With some doubts and apprehensions, I started my first job, although the journey was difficult, but the learning was priceless. Initially, even I thought of giving up, but somehow managed and stayed. Mark all as read.

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