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Helia coc

After becoming friends with Heliaa night-time event will proc once her affection reaches 70 that has her appear in the player's camp. She approaches the player and asks for help with a den of Harpies that have been breeding half- Salamander hybrids known as Phoenixes. Upon agreeing to help, Helia will temporarily the player's camp as a Lover.

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My piercing: I don't have piercings

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Search forums. Install the app. Helia - CoC. Thread starter Lyric Start date Dec 1, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Lyric Member. Nov 1, 6 0. Hiya gents and gals! Anyone know how to proc the Helia Phoenix quest? I'm stuck at fuckbuddy status I've had foursomes and threesomes a TON of times with her in bar. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks a lot in advance Oh and PS. The intercourse scene with her future daughter isn't coded yet either I reckon?

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Can't imagine it's because of any morale reasons considering what you do to Phylla and her offspring, hehe. Savin Master Analmander Staff member. Aug 26, 5, 7, Just wait a few days; she should come to your camp and give you her quest. Hiya Savin. I'll try. Been weeks now, but I havent yet tried just staying at camp and not doing nothing but wait and sleep as in not exploring or going any whereso I'll try that.

Thank you for the advice. Aug 27, Go to the Raw Data Tab where there'll be a search box to look up the flags. Kitteh Well-Known Member Creator. Aug 26, If Helia comes to your camp and asks for your help, don't reject her favour. Including the goo armor and Helspawn Normally, she should come if you sleep in your camp. Only the scene of pregnant Urta giving birth has priority over heliaDiscovery scene given the right conditions. You dun goofed.

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This is the initial state. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, I had no idea there was so much more to this game.

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I just always played directly from the browser and been enjoying it immensely. First of all thank you SO much for your quick replies an willingness to help.

That locks you out of Phoenix Tower. You can save-edit to change that flag to 0 and retry. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 2, Aug 27, 69 Click to expand It worked! I could kiss you all! But that would be weird. First problem solved. Oh geesh.

Any live chat help by any chance?

Second problem. Using Chrome on win 7. So far I've just played the game in browser and saves are in the fenoxo. Downloaded Kitts most awesome mod to the same folder just to make it easier. I open Kitts mod, which looks real nice btw. But when I try to load any of my saved files from the mod, it tells me:!

Unhandled Exception Failed to load save. The file may be corrupt!

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It doesn't matter which one of the. E Any ideas? I mean the Mod is itself the whole game, right? I dont need to have downloaded anything else to my drive I reckon? Saved files in the mod cannot be used with the original.

I've put up a warning if you try to load from original to inform you that the save file is not backwards compatible. Here's what you'll get if you try to import your save from the original as of version 1. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.