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How to play breeding season

Breeding Season was released on Jan 17,

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The most heavily funded game on Patreon was just cancelled. Breeding Season was described as an "unholy combination of a farming sim and a sex game" about breeding people and anime-inspired fantasy humanoids. According to stat-tracking site Pledge Societythat made it the most highly-funded video game currently on Patreon and the second most-funded project overall.

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Nar Kaji Gurung, David G. Males should enter the breeding season in good body condition without excessive fat. Body condition scores should be assessed as part of a breeding soundness evaluation approximately 2 months prior to breeding. It usually is beneficial to feed a concentrated energy-protein supplement to the males beginning approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the breeding season. After the breeding season, some concentrate may need to be fed to help the animals regain an adequate body condition. Breeding males should be fed supplements as early as 6 to 7 weeks or at least 3 weeks before breeding in order to produce fertile semen which begins 40 to 60 days before it is deposited in the female reproductive tract.

For the remainder of the year, adult males can be maintained on good-quality hay. In both instances, these mineral-salt mixtures should be the only source of salt offered to encourage adequate intake.

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The trace mineral component should be deed for the local soil types. For sheep, low-copper mineral mixtures are optimal, but goats can safely consume trace mineral mixtures made for cattle. Because of the possibility of urolithiasis in males, the keeper should take steps to prevent stone formation by adding ammonium chloride or other urine acidifiers to the mineral mixture.

Lionel J. Thirty to 60 days before the breeding seasonexamine animals for udder and teat conformation, dentition teethmusculoskeletal problems, feet, and body condition. Cull does and ewes that have severe problems or do not meet herd conformation goals.

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Some common conditions seen in breeding females include lameness, chronic mastitis, bad teats, and poor body condition due to chronic diseases, parasitism, old age, or other causes. They need to be vaccinated for common diseases and conditions seen at the farm, FAMACHA scored and dewormed if necessary, and have their feet trimmed.

Bruce J. Christian R. Rhesus monkeys are seasonal breeders. The breeding season in captivity is approximately 5 months mid-September to mid-February in the Northern Hemisphereand their gestation period is approximately days Rowe, Their menstrual cycle is 28 days with a mean estrous period of 9.

The interbirth interval averages days, and sexual maturity is achieved in females at 34—43 months of age and in males at approximately 38 months of age Johnson-Delaney, With vaginal delivery, infant birth weights average gm for females and gm for males B. Bernacky, unpublished data, Most mammals use photoperiod to synchronize their breeding seasonso that young are raised during the spring and summer months.

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The pineal hormone melatonin is the major endocrine message used to relay photoperiodic information to the reproductive axis. This chapter first discusses the ecological context for seasonal breeding and the pivotal role that nocturnal melatonin secretion plays in its regulation. Melatonin acts through high affinity G protein—coupled receptors, and we discuss the emergence of the pars tuberalis of the anterior pituitary as a principal site of melatonin action.

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We go on to discuss recent evidence that local metabolism of thyroid hormone by tanycyte cells within the mediobasal hypothalamus is the key seasonal gateway for activation of the hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulse generator. Melatonin controls tanycyte function via a pathway involving a novel paracrine action of thyrotropin released by pars tuberalis cells. Downstream targets of this control pathway include RF-amide neurons implicated in hypothalamic gonadotropic aling, suggesting an integrated model for the control of seasonal reproduction in mammals.

We end by focusing on current hypotheses for mechanisms of tanycyte action and the cellular consequences of altered hypothalamic triiodothyronine metabolism. Christine A. Bud C. Males and females typically have a single, brief 2—4 week winter breeding season in which fertile matings occur, with the female being receptive and the male sexually aggressive. They can produce one litter per year. In the wild, the breeding season begins at or shortly after the emergence from winter hibernation in late winter. Following gonadal regression in summer, gonadal recrudescence occurs during hibernation, beginning in late autumn or early winter.

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Peak gonadal activity occurs in late winter. These changes and the subsequent pattern of gonadal regression during late spring and summer are all part of the endogenous circannual cycle of sequential changes in endocrine function and tissue metabolism.

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The endogenous cycle is entrained by photoperiod and hibernation activity in the wild. In the laboratory, without efforts to provide photoperiod entrain-ment, the breeding seasons of individuals usually become asynchronous after 1 or 2 years, with intervals becoming shorter than 12 months Snyder, ; Concannon et al. As a result, the breeding season may not be concurrent within breeding pairs or groups.

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Therefore, laboratory breeding requires considerable attention to photoentrainment of the circannual cycle, and selection of breeding pairs or breeding groups based on concomitant periods of testis enlargement and vulval swelling. Even with efforts to photoentrain cycles, the breeding season in the how to play breeding season typically advances by 1—2 months in the calendar year during the first 1—3 years. Therefore, although the breeding season in the wild is in late February or March, colony-born animals or animals in captivity after 1—2 years may be more likely to breed in late January and early February.

Laboratory studies have usually not involved forced hibernation. Males typically reach sexual maturity and first breed at 22 months of age Snyder, but undergo pubertal changes at 10—11 months of age Concannon et al. Information on basic woodchuck reproduction has been gleaned from observation in the wild Hamilton, ; Snyder and Christian, ; Christian et al. Dorcas P. Sexual dimorphism exists in many amphibian species; this can be particularly evident during the breeding season.

In general, female amphibians are larger than males. Male bullfrogs, pig frogs, and bronze frogs have a tympanum that is larger than the eye; the female counterpart is the same diameter as the eye. Differences in coloration between males and females exist in some frog and salamander species e. The vocal sacs of male frogs become larger and more pigmented in breeding season. Hyla and related species often have yellowish vocal sacs, and the sacs of Bufo tend to be blackish.

Cloacal glands in male salamanders become swollen, resulting in enlarged cloacal lips.

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Male plethodontid salamanders develop enlarged hedonic glands on the chin; secretions of this gland are rubbed on the female during courtship. Most male frogs develop keratin p on their thumbs to assist in gripping females during amplexus a characteristic prolonged breeding embrace. Enlarged teeth can be found in certain frog and salamander males in breeding readiness.

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In some plethodontid species, these teeth are used to abrade the skin of females and allow introduction of chin gland secretions into her bloodstream Conant and Collins, ; Zug, ; Petranka, Courtship and reproduction in amphibians range from simple to very elaborate. Internal fertilization occurs in many salamander species.

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In this dance, the male undulates his tail and body while swimming in front of a potential mate. If the female shows interest, the male deposits a spermatophore, and the female picks the packet up with her cloaca.

Plethodon cinereus has a more complex courtship. Males use pheromone trails to locate receptive females. The male approaches the female, arches and undulates his tail, then rubs his hedonic gland secretions over her body using his enlarged teeth to abrade her skin and introduce secretions into her system. The male next aligns himself along the female's body, keeping his tail arched and curled.

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The pair separates, the female deposits the fertilized eggs in clusters suspended by a pedicle, and she coils around the eggs until hatching Petranka, Frog courtship is no less colorful than that of salamanders. In general, frogs have external fertilization. Males attract mates by vocalizing. When a receptive female is located, the male grasps her with his forelimbs in amplexus. The eggs are expelled, and the male releases sperm to fertilize them. Various adaptations of this basic plan include the courtship of the Surinam toad Pipa pipaa relative of Xenopus Fig. During amplexus, the pair swims in an upside-down circle, with the female releasing eggs at the top of the circle.

The male releases sperm, and the fertilized eggs drop and land on the back of the female, who is now at the bottom of the circle. The female's skin grows over the eggs, and the eggs and larvae are carried in this fashion until metamorphosis, when tiny froglets emerge. The midwife toad, Alytes obstetricans, exhibits another breeding strategy. After amplexus and fertilization, the male toad wraps the strands of eggs around his legs.

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He carries the eggs with him in this fashion, visiting ponds periodically to keep them moist until hatching Mattison, The most unusual reported reproductive behaviors include the Darwin's frog and the gastric brooder, Rheobatrachus. The male Darwin's frog takes his newly hatched tadpoles into his mouth, where they migrate to the vocal sacs.

The tadpoles remain in the vocal sacs until metamorphosis, then emerge from their father's mouth as froglets.

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The Rheobatrachus female swallows her fertilized eggs. The eggs and tadpoles are brooded in the female's stomach, where they feed on yolk, undergo metamorphosis, and emerge as froglets.

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During this brooding period, the female ceases all gastric activity due to the release of prostaglandin E. Normal gastric activity s after the froglets have emerged Duellman, The female Surinam toad, Pipa pipa, incubates her eggs in the skin of her back. Donald B. McMillan, Richard J. Spermatozoa of anamniotes develop within cysts. These cysts are readily visible in sections of testis taken during breeding season in frogs Fig.