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Insexual awakening patch

It contains original character and scene artwork hand drawn by the artist Soapmonster.

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Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Forums Main Hentai. Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 2 of 4 Go to. SexCurseStudio Jungle Girl. ed Aug 13, Messages 50 Reputation score 7. Re: Incestral Awakening Hoboy said:.

Lewd patcher

PS - can remove the "not officially supported" from the Mac build 'cos it works great! If you need Mac testing just look me up New Public Build Available! Going to this zone requires a boldness level of 4. Currently the zone only contains a park location, but we intend to add more! There is a new scene located in the park at night! Increased the relationship points gained from the "Slide Puzzle" mini-game by 1.

Reduced the of tiles to match in each insexual awakening patch in the hard version of the "Repeat Pattern" mini-game from 7 to 6. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that caused a tile to flash during the interaction phase of the repeat pattern mini-game. It requires relationship level 12 and Boldness level 5. Tweaks Relationship point cost for some levels reduced. Relationship level cap for Kira Big Sis increased from 11 to Changed Boldness level cap from 4 to 5.

s in the shopping menu are now clearer and easier to see. Added a counter for the of sentences left to complete for the typing mini-game. Increased the relationship point gain from buying gifts from 1 to 2.

Insexual awakening

Bug Fixes Fixed using the day version of a background during a conversation with Kira during the night. New Content Added a new Big Sister scene with an animation! Requires relationship level 11 and completing the new small scene below.

Added a new small Big Sister scene. Requires relationship level 10 and occurs when going to sleep. Added a small Mom scene. Requires relationship level 6. Changed Simone's relationship level cap from 5 to 6. ed Feb 23, Messages 2, Reputation score Last edited: Nov 4, save files from older builds are compatible! New Content Added 5 new Simone scenes! The first requires Simone Relationship Level 7 and occurs when visiting Simone at night. It occurs when going to sleep at night.

It occurs when visiting Simone during the day.

Insexual awakening

The fourth requires Simone Relationship Level It occurs when visiting Simone at night. The fifth requires Simone Relationship Level Added a conversation with Simone that occurs after going to the park. Added a conversation with Sam that occurs after going to the park. Added a conversation with Kira that occurs after going to the park. Increased Boldness level cap from 5 to 6. Added an option to disable the dream blur effect when replaying scenes.

Added an option to disable the dream music when replaying scenes.

Improved display of choices in case there are many choices at the same time. Added an option disabled by default to allow mouse-wheel scrolling if there are so many choices that a scroll-bar is required. Enabling this option will disallow using the mouse-wheel to go forward or back in time when the cursor is placed over the choice area.

The back button on the quick menu may still be used however. HotlineEUW Lurker. ed Dec 12, Messages 1 Reputation score 0. Hey, I get an error when i try to launch the newest version.

Here's a screenshot. You must be registered to see the links.

ChosenOne Demon Girl. ed Jun 24, Messages 77 Reputation score 3. I, too, check the same screen, and what's worse, I can not go ahead nor load the game. Kiwii Jungle Girl. ed Feb 8, Messages 34 Reputation score 5. There seem to be a "fan patch" out there somewhere that fixes it. Latest build is now available for everyone!

Two new Kira scenes, one with an animation! The first requires relationship level 13 and boldness level 6. The second requires relationship level Three small Kira conversations when choosing the "Talk" option from the menu. Max relationship for Kira increased to Adjusted choice line width so that Kira's body doesn't cover choice text. Improved compatibility if you rollback immediately after loading an old save. JupiterMan Jungle Girl. ed May 22, Messages insexual awakening patch Reputation score 0. Hey man, about version 0. I am completely stuck in my room. Also, the options menu is just a black screen.

I haven't played this in a while, but isn't there supposed to be an introduction?

That seems to be missing as well, if i don't misremember it. I also can't rename the characters, so i am stuck with Nate in his room unable to do anything. EDIT: I am blind, apparently. There is a fix on the patreon directly under the post for version 0. Would post the link here but i am a bambi and don't know if that is allowed.