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Legend of krystal walkthrough

Developer: LOK Team Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love.

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Items marked with hidden are not shown in the quest tracker on the upper right corner. Events that automatically happen without any player intervention are not shown here.

These quests are not tied to the main storyline events but will usually need to be done repeatedly to build up Respect levels, which can be considered as milestones of the main storyline. We also call them 'jobs'. It must be noted that sometimes, a sex event could turn into a 'job' if the player accepts an NPC proposition to skip the task proper and 'pay' with sex. Some NPCs have special sexual event chains that the player can progress through with the adequate amount of stat points usually Lustless frequently Submission.

They're not tied to the main storyline, so the player doesn't need to have sex to progress through the game. The following quests are placeholders, given only as a means to direct the player to the next logical step. Lokrebirth Wiki Explore.

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Legend of krystal parody – the new adventure full games overview:

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