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Literotica six times a day

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already.

It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

Six times a day pt. 08

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. If you're interested in the illustrated version, try Googling "Six Times a Day. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

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NOTE: Inthis story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again. Susan woke up the next morning feeling very conflicted. For the second night in a row, she'd had strange dreams involving her son.

Both nights, she dreamed that she was Akami and that it was she who jacked off and then even sucked off Alan's rod. In the dream, there was also a Susan at the appointment, and she watched this other woman, who was naked and shamelessly frigging herself. She had other dreams that were much the same, such as one where she watched Suzanne blow her son.

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These dreams seemed incredibly real, and no doubt they were helped by the way Suzanne had described her blowjobs with Alan in intimate detail. Susan both wanted and didn't want to experience such things in real life. Her desire was strong, but so was her sense of guilt.

Six times a day pt. 18

She didn't know how she would react when she saw Alan that morning, but the dreams made her extremely aroused. She dressed in a robe that had great potential for mischief, to say the least. When Alan came down for breakfast, he not only saw his mother in a robe again, but saw his sister in one too. Until recently, Katherine was always so conservatively dressed around the house that he didn't even know she owned a robe. Thanks to all the clothes she'd borrowed from Suzanne, Susan had the more alluring robe of the two. It was semi-transparent if looked at in the right light.

The sash across their waists holding their robes closed hung loosely on both of them. Alan was hard even before he'd entered the dining room, just thinking of the possibilities. The reality actually exceeded his fantasies. Susan's first reaction to Alan was one of a chastised and sorrowful woman. As you can guess, I was pretty smashed, but that's no excuse.

I should have remained in control. As the mother of this house, it was my responsibility to see that everyone behaved properly.

Six times a day pt. 22

I don't even remember half of what happened but I imagine I did some improper things. Rest assured that nothing like that will ever happen again. But while her mouth was saying one thing, her body and her clothes or lack thereof was saying something else entirely. She actually remembered everything that had happened, and she'd had the time of her life between her alcoholic high and her erotic arousal. She couldn't consciously admit it to herself, but unconsciously she was trying to get more to happen even before Alan left for school. She continued, "For one, I remember lying naked.

And your hands were all over me, touching me, caressing me In intimate places. Suzanne and Katherine were naked too.

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And you touched us all. To my shame, I just sat there and watched, and let you have your way with everyone. I have no idea what happened, but it's wrong. Wrong, I tell you, wrong! Alan just nodded. He was thinking that the way she put it, it actually sounded sexy and arousing, not like a chastisement.

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She added, "True, there's nothing wrong with nakedness, per se. After all, you have a serious need for visual stimulation, and we're all trying to help. But touching in intimate places, that's a completely different matter.

There's no excuse for that, don't you agree? Again, all Alan could do was nod his head. It seemed to him that Susan was getting horny from her own words, and that just about left him speechless. Susan's robe was sleeveless, so there was great potential for a strap to fall off a shoulder and expose her chest.

Six times a day pt. 34

There was a zipper in front, but somehow, and Alan didn't see how, by the time Susan walked over to the breakfast table to serve both her children breakfast, the zipper had come undone down past her belly button.

The robe was so open that just standing there one of her nipples was hanging out. Alan felt sure that his hard-on was going to burst, splattering cum all over the room, just from the sight of his mother. He wondered idly if the robe would fall off altogether if both straps fell off at once.

But Katherine didn't want her mother to take all the attention. She didn't zip the front back up though, which meant it opened right back up again as soon as she took her hands away from it. The contradictions of the situation were not addressed - Susan was pretending to be concerned about exposing herself just minutes after explaining that nudity was okay to help with the "visual stimulation.

Katherine now took advantage of Alan's attention on Susan by surreptitiously widening how open the top of her own robe was. Still, she was at a disadvantage compared to her mother, since all she could do was sit and eat breakfast, while Susan was actively walking around and bending over the dinner table much of the time.

Additionally, the fact that Susan's robe was semi-transparent made it even harder for Katherine to compete.

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So Alan would stare at his sister's chest nearby or his mother's body further off. But when Susan came back to the dining table for some reason, he would focus all of his attention on the sight of his mother bending over and swaying her boobs before his eyes.

There was an unstated and growing competition between the two women. Katherine kept opening her robe more and more, until both of her nipples weren't even close to being covered. Susan bent over near Alan more and more as well, offering him a bottle of molasses, the salt shaker off of the table - any excuse to tease him again. Her gargantuan mammaries were barely contained in her robe even while she was just standing, and her boobs now completely fell out every time she bent near him.

Finally both of his mother's straps did fall off at once, but she held the robe to her body by pressing her arms to her sides. The sash was undone as well. She reluctantly put the straps back into place so she could walk away without having the robe fall to her feet. She broke into a smile as she walked away, because now she was in a mental zone where her guilt turned off and she just enjoyed herself.

He's not even trying to hide that huge penis-shaped bulge in his shorts. I hope I help him have a nice climax, though it is a shame about him spilling his seed upon the ground. What if I take this robe literotica six times a day and offer him my face and my chest? It doesn't count as touching if he cums all over me, right? At first, both women continued to remind the other their robes were falling open to foil the competition, but as it was hard to do that with a straight face when your own robe was open at the same time, they switched to complaining how poorly deed the robes were.

She didn't even make a pretense at covering up anymore, and walked to him essentially bare-chested.

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You're just saying that. It was all he could do not to stretch his head forward and suck on the tit dangling mere inches from his face. She stood up, secretly enjoying the idea of breastfeeding her son.

Six times a day stories

I don't know how to wear this robe of Suzanne's at all. It hadn't taken ten seconds for Susan's tits to fall out of her robe again. Susan smiled at her daughter in friendly competition and closed her robe yet again. Because Katherine was sitting across the table from Alan, he couldn't see what was happening below her waist.