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The Escort Live Radar app is meant to be paired with a radar detector for maximum protection on the road. But is it really reliable? Or will it get you in trouble with law enforcement? Escort Live Radar is a mobile app that you can use on your phone or another mobile device. It uses cloud-sourced technology to detect police presence in real-time when you are on live escort road. Meant to be used with an Escort radar detector, the app lets you access an entire database of locations where other drivers have spotted police, cameras, and other road conditions.

You can download the Escort Live Radar app for free, but you can also pay for a premium membership if you want additional features.

Escort live radar app review

Of course, this includes speed trap alerts that tell you where police are parked. Cops are always looking for speeders on the road, and with the app alerts, you reduce your chance of getting pulled over. There are also fixed-position mobile alerts that notify you of traffic enforcement cameras. Not knowing where these cameras are can cost you a lot if you get caught speeding.

Escort live radar app review

Furthermore, the app also features a dashboard and map views, which helps identify threats quickly so you can adjust your driving habits. If you enter a known threat area, you will receive voice alerts as well. We find that the alerts are very clear and prompt, giving you ample time to react accordingly. If you want to change the app settings or manage alerts, you can do so right from your device. However, the great thing about the Escort Live Radar app is that it not only allows you to receive alerts but it also lets you share threat reports to the entire Escort community.

With your help, the database will be updated and other app users will be safer on the road. The premium version of live escort Escort Live app gives real-time alerts from other users that happen to be in the same area as you. The information will be more detailed, with color-coded warning icons that help you categorize the threat. When you pay for Escort Live Premium, these extra features can be used daily. The Escort Live Radar app uses cloud technology, allowing users to make contributions to the database.

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As such, you get both sensor alerts and crowd-sourced alerts from users across the network. The cloud servers used by the app are reliable as well.

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With real-time reports from users, it increases its overall effectiveness and usefulness. There is a fairly large online community behind the Escort Live Radar app, which is partially why it works great. Those who use the Escort Live device and mobile app get access to live chat, a toll-freeand for customer support. As such, if you have certain questions or problems with the app, you can get answers quickly.

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If you want to find the best radar detector applicationyou should also look into customer reviews. In our research, a lot of people who use the Escort Live Radar app have mostly good things to say about it.

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For instance, many users like the wide variety of features and the easy-to-use interface. While there may be an occasional negative review for this app, it has become very popular with millions of people. The Escort Live Radar app has a lot to offer for those who want to be aware of police presence on the road.

This app has a very user-friendly de and is packed with many useful features. But while the basic free version has all the essentials, we recommend that you get the premium version for the extra functions. Welcome to RatedRadarDetector.

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RRD is reader-supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. February 12, We conducted a full Escort Live Radar App review to give you everything you need to know. Escort Live Radar App Conclusion.

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