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Truth be told, I crave the milf more than I crave the college girl which is why I was so excited to hear about this LocalMilfSefies.

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It is a widely known truth that hooking up with milfs and cougars is a favorite hobby of users who adult dating sites. This is just another bonus for it to keep working just as good as it used to. Normally, for you, that would mean opening your eyes to the evergreen fraud and avoid spending time there. Let us explain why your chances of getting laid on LocalMilfSelfies.

My age: I am 64
What is my ethnicity: I'm irish
Color of my hair: Strawberry-blond
My Zodiac sign: Pisces
What I like to drink: My favourite drink ale

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Unfortunately every dating service that we have reviewed from these people has turned out to be a scam.

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Is this site any different? Read The review and find out. One thing we realized right off the bat is that this website is exactly the same layout as Milfaholic. This is no coincidence, both sides are owned by the same dating network.

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Unfortunately Milfaholic was a scam and we unfortunately don't think this site will be any different. We did create our profile yesterday and today we are on the site. Another thing that sticks out is the fact that all these women over 40 are posing localmilfselfies com. We understand that this is an adult dating site and nudity is going to be common. It almost seems like it's a marketing strategy strategy in order to get men to the site. If you put yourself in a woman's shoes, do you really think that they are going to nude photos of themselves? Yes we are sure some will but not every single person on the site will have basically the same pose?

After using an app called TinyEye a reverse image search tool we were able to identify that many of the dating profile pictures on this site are also located on various amateur adult sites. One example is below in which the female circled in yellow is also located on an amateur adult site called Xxxonxxx.

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A large majority of the pictures that we did a reverse image search on actually were on amateur sites and forums. This is a very strong indicator that these women are not real whatsoever and their images have being copied from the amateur sites and then use on dating profiles on this site.

You then we need to ask yourself who would benefit from the use of so many fake profiles on this dating site? Yes there could be online romance scammers on the site, but it seems like a large majority of the time it's the dating site itself that's involved in the creation of fake dating profiles to make it appear as if the site is full of hot milfs looking to hook up with guys for fun. You see in order for you to communicate back to any of these milfs in the photos you do need to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription and this is where the site definitely benefits from having fake profiles on the site.

In the terms and conditions the site admits that they do have fictitious persons called "Ambassadors", which is basically a fake person that the web site creates and uses in order to send you fake s, phony instant messages and fake text messages. From their own words this is what they say on the terms and conditions :. Be careful if you plan on using this site. We suggest you read section 11 of the terms and conditions so you know how site operates.

Remember if it seems to good to be true it probably is. If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites. Is the woman pictured as iceyhOtmom or iceyhOtmom localmilfselfies com as a date? Like the women near me these women if they are women that you talk to are not from where they say they are from and one more thing when you ask to meet them they come up with some excuse such as lets talk on here before we meet its just a scam to get the man to purchase tokens.

To me its a bunch of bullshit. I even give this one girl my phone and asked her to call or text me and she came up with the same excuse lets get to know one another on here first. Its a complete scam I sent out 87 messages to ladies supposably localmilfselfies com and got exactly localmilfselfies com replies not even a sorry not interested.

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So I even message much older fat ladies the same thing. Then I got a bunch of unsolicted "gifts" from ladies …………I'd reply and they'd never answer. Then I started seeing pic's with multiple profiles. I also read several hundred and notice the same phrases being used by the ghost writers. Also, not being a local company ALL the profiles were from about 8 cities in the detroit area ………….

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Just a completely sloppy job. Easy way to cancel is call your CC company and block charges from the company or you can just tell them that you believe that your CC has been compromised. Go into settings and follow instructions,cannot give u details now as I've deleted mine. Good luck. Totally agree with the above comments. Most women in my area came from small villages which would have been a hotbed od sex had the profiles been true as of women in those villages outed the houses there.

Challenged the localmilfselfies com providers and they said nothing. I did talk to 2 women in America and has some sexy talk with them but was still suspicious of them as being genuine. I think they cover themselves by putting a yellow star with a FC in the middle which says that many of the women are Fictitious Cuties,so maybe this covers their lie and deception. Are there ANY genuine sites out there,I doubt it. All " bullshit ". Computer generated messages to lure you in. Ask a question, get a reply not even about what you asked. See the same profile on different sites with different names and where they are from.

Keep wanting your money for tokens, you really think you're talking to her? Just a ripoff. Localmilfselfies com these so called sex sites are scams. Here's what has happened for me on this site. When I first started getting s from them it was very exciting to me because many of the women looked real.

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Personally I could care less about these sizzling hot babes because they think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter and I don't work that way. You want yours served to you then it works the same way for me. I did figure out very quickly that many of the women on here are just bait to get you to go for paid video chat.

No thanks. Anyway, lol, after at least a week of being tortured by these very down to earth, real looking women I finally broke down and bought a membership.

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Well, guess what? Will I ever learn? I'm lonely but I'm rather handsome and very confident in bed… and believe me, it has more to do with it that size altough it doesn't hurt. I believe at this point that this site is primarily built to sell video chats.

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That's were the money's at after all. All I got out of this BS site was another date with the Palm sisters!! Take my word- avoid these sites like the plague!! Yeah a busted a girl who asked me what iwas doing today who said she was near by at pm.

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Asked her what ttime itt was she said am. Localmilfselfies com I ever unwise! This is a complete scam, the pictures are from all sorts of web sites usually "what boys want". The quickie matches are a joke. Hardley up for a quickie!! Yep it's a rip off!! There are too many girls from this one little town,more women from that town than the entire population of men,women and children. Thanks for the info. I researched this site and found your site in the process.

This is great information since I had suspicions. I'm going to cancel my free right now. I was thinking of paying but found that "it was too good to be true". Thanks again, your info on your site seems legit and saved me some money. Thanks again, Peter. Wondered why I couldn't change my profile location, so setup another free hundreds of miles away and guess what?

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Your right, all the those good looking ladies suddenly upped sticks and moved in nearby, Im so lucky to have such lovely neighbours, I'm so lucky I think I'll upgrade to a full member, NOT. Joy: I apologize for this inconvenience. I suggest that you indicate in your profile title your current area or post it in the about me section as well, so members who will view your profile will be inform with your current location.

Joy: The from your search are based on the location provided by members upon up.