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Lovevoodoo review

If you are looking for a swinging experience that is a little different from what you are used to, ing up with Lovevoodoo. Instead of the usual approach to the online dating community, it focuses more on events and merchandising.

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There have never been more online options for people who are into a particular kink or lifestyle, or even for those who think they might be a little curious. So, was it an unexpected diamond in the rough, or just another letdown? How we reviewed Love Voodoo I always begin my reviews by setting up a completely blank profile. This is deed to weed out spam messages sent upon creation. The idea is that the more messages are sent to an empty profile, the more likely a website is to be a scam.

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Love voodoo review: promising start, disappointing finish

In order to provide you with a basis to make your own determination as to whether or not LoveVoodoo is for you, we conducted a thorough review of the site. We suggest you give it a good read before taking the plunge and ing the site.

Here is our full Lovevoodoo review. Regardless of your actual level of experience in the swinging lifestyle, provided that you are serious about swinging, LoveVoodoo offers you a fun and effective platform to meet like-minded people.

Love voodoo review: frequently asked questions

Yes, the site is aesthetically atrocious, but the community that it fosters is warm, welcoming, and genuine. Whether you want to find like-minded swingers in your local community, or if you're interested in swinging events or vacations, LoveVoodoo delivers. It is easy to let your imagination run wild. Of course, LoveVoodoo. It is in actuality a platform to help members of the swinging community meet.

No chicken sacrifices are involved.

The lovevoodoo review has been around for a while — well over 15 years. If you are an established swinger — or if you are just curious — a site such as LoveVoodoo can easily call out to you. We are instead talking about the look of the site itself.

It looks incredibly old. Even in the s the aesthetic appeal of LoveVoodoo would have been mocked and criticized. However, just because the site looks dated and visually unappealing, does not mean that it cannot offer a positive user experience. While LoveVoodoo is by no means a perfect site, as you dig further into this review, you will discover that LoveVoodoo does have a great deal to offer to the swinging community.

Lovevoodoo review

Our advice would be to overlook its de mediocrity and fight back the urge to bounce away from the site two seconds after having landed on it. Trust us, overlooking its de will be worthwhile. The strongest attribute of LoveVoodoo is that it is community-minded — for the swinging community, that is. Its membership base is composed of couples, single males, single females, gay, straight, etc. Some are experienced in the swinging lifestyle, others are new.

By our assessment, we estimate that close to half of the members are new to swinging.

LoveVoodoo has formed an honest and open community. There are no restrictions on the sort of images that can be posted on the site. Full nudity is permissible. Photographs of explicit sexual acts are also permitted.

As long as the images belong to the members themselves, anything goes. For those of you who may be a little shy, there is no need to worry. LoveVoodoo also takes into consideration the fact that the swinging lifestyle requires a high level of discretion. In other words, you can block out your face to hide your identity to the public.

As we have already established, the de aesthetics behind LoveVoodoo are less than appealing. The way that users interact with the platform to conduct searches, photos, and communicate with each other is equally as dated.

Pros and cons

This means that for some of you, the LoveVoodoo platform will not be as intuitive as those on other sites. The discovery features on LoveVoodoo consist of a search engine as well as links that help you find real-world swinging clubs as well as swinging lifestyle vacations. This means that LoveVoodoo adapts well to all swingers, regardless of their level of experience. The search engine, as you would expect, is rustic. However, lovevoodoo review testers found it to be useful and productive. This is probably due to the fact that the vast majority of the members on the site are genuine.

Lovevoodoo review: a great dating site

We encountered very few fake profiles on the site. No matter how antiquated its search engine is, it still yields a high percentage of compatible matches. Additional discovery opportunities also take place in the form of the 20 daily suggested matches that LoveVoodoo presents to each of its members. The messaging feature on LoveVoodoo consists of an internal platform. Again, it is rustic but functional. This allows users lovevoodoo review automatically hide the site in case anybody enters the room while you are browsing for your next swinging hook up. It seems as if you are just on a Google conducting some other type of search.

Another handy feature is the access it provides to blogs, polls, and stories that are informative and amusing.

They are very useful to those who want to try out new things in swinging. They are also beneficial to those who are new to swinging and have questions about the lifestyle. LoveVoodoo is free to and use. The free version, in our opinion, is powerful enough for most people.

The premium version grants you access to locked explicit photos, photo contests, and member videos. LoveVoodoo Review .

Final Word on LoveVoodoo Regardless of your actual level of experience in the swinging lifestyle, provided that you are serious about swinging, LoveVoodoo offers you a fun and effective platform to meet like-minded people. Now More Hookup Sites. Now. More Adult Hookup Sites.