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Lute hende

This is the longest characters on the wiki; it should be split into subs. A succubus demon-girl that falls in love with Lute Hende after he survives a night in bed with her.

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Smoker: No

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An avatar character for the player with a backstory and history relevant to his character, he can have a custom name, appearance, birth-date, hobbies, etc. A strange and unorthodox kind of superhero, he is an enigmatic, air-headed and cocky delinquent who seems to be a badly performed and incompetent warrior and is the hero that no one expects.

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Depending on the player's choice, the avatar character can have variable eye shape, hair style and color, skin tone, uniforms, etc. With his default appearance, Lute is a handsome young man with a semi-muscular body, light skin tone, red spiky hair that covers his eyes and height above average. He wears a red vest underneath a scarlet shirt and indigo pants.

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Despite being a superhero, Lute is a very laid-back, mischievous, carefree and lightheaded individual who doesn't take anything seriously and is always confident with himself, and though he has a sense of justice and good, he pretty much treats battles compared to his lute hende activities when it comes to having fun. He also has a quirky charm that mixes both his wisdom and sense of humor to the point where people often get confused whether he is an insufferable idiot or a clever genius. His abilities and achievements are often not made clear whether he's very skilled secretly or he's just lucky.

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He is also very straightforward, never holding anything back or skipping right to the chase during conversations. Despite being an extremely lecherous pervert through and through, through the course of the game's events, he actually grows to be very kind, selfless, and honest to people, like when he would spend time with the ones he love and admire after a battle, and would treat everyone, lute hende women and children, with surprisingly immense amount of respect and love, like a superhero or even a regular man would.

He has his own sense of honor, possibly learned from a knight's honor code, showing that he will be entirely fair to others, despite being a delinquent who graduated dead last from the Knight Academy.

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He is not above punishing evil-doers though, as shown when he said he will make monsters like Juza Yumihari pay with their lives. As Dragon ZERO-X, both the human and the succubus take control, with two consciousnesses taking form of one superhero, with Lute performing martial arts and Shamsiel handling the magical abilities and attacks in combat.

This Ultraman-like armored form is accessed by combining his powers with that of his comrades, Volthur and Moon Knight, turning into the Hero of Three Worlds. In this form, Lute is at his strongest and becomes an absolute force of light to be reckoned with.

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This extremely massive centaur-like draconic transformation is accessed during the final battle against Bura-Aku. Game Ideas Wiki Explore. Game Ideas Wiki.

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