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Luxre tv

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At first glance, the site just looks like an luxre tv videoand in many ways it is, but beneath the veil is a pretty fucked stash of zoophilia, amputee porn, and other weird shit. In fact, when I google Luxure TV, most of the top were zoophilia and bestiality videos, so I have a feeling that people come here for that animal on human action. Fucking furries taking it too far if you ask me. Even when I went to the frontthe very first video on the list was some animation of a fox getting ass-fucked by a big ass horse. Who the fuck jerks off to this shit!?

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One thing that is cool about Luxuretv make sure to visit en. Jesus fucking Christ this thing is shitty.

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The graphic is low quality and straight-up grainy luxre tv my monitor. It reminds me of internet porn from the 90s drawn in MSPaint. But then again, the logo accurately represents the ugly as shit layout that this site throws upon your eyeballs. The front is fairly straightforward. You have luxre tv on top and bottom, listed out across the top, weird ad links pretending not to be below that, and then the video gallery. Below the videos are their rating out of five stars in the ugliest 90s graphic you can think of. Honestly, the front de is tolerable, but when you click on a video the mess begins to show.

The just surround the video like the cops surrounded Rodney King before they gave him that unholy beatdown. It feels suffocating like you just want to watch the video but you have all these goddamn animated porn doing their best to distract you.

The color scheme is nothing to write home about either. The mobile site has its own layout that is slightly cleaner than the desktop version. Animals, amputees, and possibly even alien cock Like I said, most of the content is pretty standard and basic stuff you can find in other websites.

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You got big tittied blond bimbos, Asians crying like year-olds, you know the usual stuff. The only difference with Luxuretv is that it has a smaller collection of content. So why do people come here?

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LuxureTV appears to have made itself a haven for twisted motherfuckers. More specifically, this place has a lot of zoophilia, with a special emphasis on amateur videos. We are talking a lot of bitches getting eaten out and fucked by the family dog. Pitbulls, golden retrievers, Labradors…I mean take your goddamn pick. Ever want to see Lassie fuck a girl in the ass? Come check out Luxure TV! We got horses people! Pretty funny stuff, but hardly something to jerk off to. They actually have a pretty big luxre tv collection, so if you are just fucking sick and tired of these bitches with legs, come jerk off at Luxuretv where they got bitches without legs, arms, and other basic appendages.

Sometimes, legs just get in the fucking way if you catch my drift. So I apologize if I come off a little critical. I like that the site has at least found an audience. Against juggernauts like PornHub, I imagine its fucking difficult for the smaller guys to compete in standard porn.

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A site like this that can specialize in some unique twisted shit probably finds its own success. The site is also responsive and has good speed. This is an issue that many smaller sites have. All the videos and s load quickly, and I had no issues with stuttering or slowdowns.

Site review luxuretv

Thewhile intrusive, also seem relatively safe. This is a category where Luxuretv just lists all their videos from longest to shortest, with the longest one being over four hours long. Some of these videos are movies that are pretty fun to check out when you get tired of the same old minute creampie videos. LuxureTV also has a community section, but the community seems dead.

Get a makeover, quick The main suggestion would be to update the layout. Another suggestion is to overhaul the community aspect to really improve user interaction. I think a site like this could luxre tv greatly from having a more active community, especially because a lot of the featured content is amateur videos.

Having accurate ratings would help a lot also. Conclusion Overall, Luxuretv seems to live off users looking for that freaky animal shit, while also showcasing other niche like dwarves and amputees. I can see this site getting a lot of popularity not just from porn, but from friends linking crazy videos like the fat dude getting fucked by a horse. Luxre tv miracle of the internet, ladies, and gentlemen. Yes the are annoying as fuck, and the layout reminds me of Geocities, but the site is quick and responsive and easy to browse. If I ever feel like watching no-legged girls get pussy-licked by poodles, this site will definitely come to mind.

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