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Magical marriage lunatics download

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It Is A Best Game. You can download this game for free.

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Yuuta is just your typical guy who enjoys an ordinary school life with his childhood friend Yuuna.

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Suddenly one day, a mansion appeared in his backyard, inhabited by the vampire princess Luce. One by one, other other-worldly princesses came to him, all of whom had made hood promise to be his bride when they grew up. Sorry guys, I finished it and I gotta agree with other comments: Prob not worth your time to play this. Is she from a different Moonstone game? I really wanted to like this one. Anything to change up the crap routine of a Blah rando who goes to school gets a harem.

Writing, art wise…just…blah.

Magical marriage lunatics free download full pc game

Luce Ojou-sama, please step on me 2. Yorihime Perfect loving wife 3. Luluna Quirky, could be fun to read about 4. Yuna The less interesting version of Yorihime 5. Karin Forgetful, dumb, energetic, and always hungry.

Not a very appealing combination. Not my thing. I pretty much agree with this assessment, which is why I played Karin, Yuna, and Juli routes In that order first. You must be feeling guilty. Need to atone? Let my gavel ring justice off your thin, tin skull.

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What should I do? Dont play Julis route.

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Just dont. Every other route was awesome though. Hey, thanks for the warning. So — is it like Netorare? That would piss me off… thanks man. Jeez… fucking hate cuck crap… to each their own, but — maybe their should be a tag of some sort? And fucking Yamato, a sadistic, rapist d-bag. Compared to the typical moege MC, neither of them is a wimp… but, well — to each their own.

Personally, this is the kind of VN I like after reading some dark-ass nakige or utsuge that gutted me. For me — this hits most of the right spots for a light-hearted story with likeable characters and really good with some exceptions artwork. I doubt that Princess Evangile fans are going to rate it as on par with PE, but for me in some respects I like it more PE tried just a little too hard to piss me off over and over again, and pushed the disbelief factor for different reasons than MML does, but at least equally… but I digress.

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Okay the writer of that route is clearly an actual cuck. The succubus route so far is getting me so angry I might drop it. Her mother is the worst character in this. You dont get to be jealous of a ghost when you bang different men every day in a special dreamscape. Also advocating for her daughter to fuck other men so MC doesnt die.

Makes me really want to have an option to hit her.

Good God this guy is a useless, passive little shitstain. Thanks for thebut this VN can burn in hell. Not great since it lacks action and drama but is good enough for me to try to finish 2 or 3 routes.

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You can clearly hear everyone pronouncing it like that in game. The game is good so far. I was having max spec and high quality scaling when this happened so i took it away and i had no problem since them. Thanks to admin for this. Wanted to ask though, is anyone else getting an error at the part when they go to school for the first time. Thanks as always admin. There is no tag about that neither here nor in vndb, i also took a look in the japanese walkthrough but there is only as many routes as heroines.

Admin, you have an error in site code. The vampire, the sucubuus, the fox girl and the childhood friend looks great. Your statement is really similar to Nisekoi, where there are several girls that have the key while the male protagonist has a locket. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Game download Free download Buy the game. Momoiro Closet ». Thiccman says:. May 14, at am.

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