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Male pornstars with the biggest dicks

When women see a big cock there is just something about it that gets them excited. Even dudes want to see a big cock being slammed inside a tight tiny pussy over a small one most of the time.

eye-candy woman Charlotte

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Porn is all about dicks and pussies, isn't it? Big dicks have something about them which make the women gasp in excitement just by looking at them. What's sexier is the huge list of nasty things they would like to do with them apart from just stuffing them in different parts of their bodies.

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So, today, I bring you a update including a couple important newcomers to the Big Dick Club, and some familiar faces, this time ranked purely by size.

Someone in Europe called it Sorry everybody. Luke Milan — 8. Sam Truitt — 9.

Mario Costa — 9. Joel Birkin- 9. Tim Kruger — 9.

But his dick sure is big. Dmitry Dickovwho helps run GayHoopla but who has only shot one scene in the last year with his 9-inch dick. Kris Evans, who of course would be on here but according to Bel Ami his cock is only 19 cm 7.

And Damien CrosseAustin Wildeand all the other models out there with purportedly 8- to 8. All your cocks are beautiful and amazing. It would be great to know whether the stars can be booked for private sessions and where the work.

It would be great to know which one of these stars offer their services and where they are based.

Best male porn star with biggest dick

I keep looking in RentMen but have problems finding them. Maybe sometimes they are on tour in Europe. Hi, call me Mk. He showed me his monsterous mamath of a dick, cock or what would you call it, it is huge his name is JB I met him in Dallas.

When he achieves a full erection it is so amazing to look at, when we fuck I need a step ladder to get up on it. Sad but his big girth black staff is circumcised, a dick of his magnitude needs the skin. Penetration is easier, and acts as a buffer. It is rough to take, at times he fucks hard and full length and has made me bleed 6 times out of 40 fucks.

So yea mamath is a great cock to slip on but can be very rough. Big dicks are great, go for it. Jack even complained that no one wants to be fucked by him — just because his dick ic so massive. I am a size queen but prefer big muscular men instead of twinks with a big dick. Is there any information to keep me updated for new guys in the industry?

Hope to hear from you. You do a great job.

I love the feel of a big cock in my ass. He looked a fair bit smaller than Jack Hunter in their scene together, both in length and thickness.

Top best male pornstars with biggest dicks ()

Also titch Jones and Steven prior arrived back and they both have massive cocks, Steven is probably the biggest out of any of the guys mentioned and twice as thick as cutler x Need to show the bri bwc some love — As a mulltao sub English bwcs are the best. Also titch Jones and Steven prior arrived back and they both have massive cocks, Steven is probably the biggest out of any of the guys mentioned and twice as thick as cutler x.

I am a staunch fan of big white cocks. I truly believe I should have been in porn, I would have been an overnight sensation. True talent here that loves to be shown off.

Top most famous male pornstars with biggest dicks ()

Love this site. I fantasize about having the opportunity to play with and get fucked by at least one, but would love to have 8. I would take on all 14 of these cocks. Most porn sites mis-measure or let the porn stars say whatever they want. The absolute biggest and BEST in the business!

Hilarious, love the article. What studios need to do is sell the magic porn ruler to the rest of the world and make a fortune.

The biggest cocks in porn

No guy in porn is 10 inches. The biggest guys in porn be it straight or gay are around 9 inches. Mandingo, Julio Gomez, and Dredd are probably the biggest 3 guys in straight or gay porn. The person reported to have the biggest dick is only As an experienced sizemologist we reckon that most on the list are in the range of For many years the male pornstars rarely turn me ON. I am a masculine male that happens to be homosexual.

The 14 biggest dicks in gay porn right now

Call me old fashion but I think drinking urine, shoving fists into anuses, and much of the shock factor acts are not only repulsive but actually does great harm to the movement of equality rights and treatment of homosexuals. Many adorable hearts of boys and homosexual males are not only mistreated but thousands of these scared guys are tortured and killed. Most of the world sees porn. These sick cruel ignorant abusers of innocent homosexual guys quickly gain hate of us when they see some of the sick m2m porn! They do not need fuel for the fire.

Although same sex marriage has become legal in many placesI have never felt so much discrimination in the past as I have these last 10 years.

[top 15] who has the biggest dick in porn?

Still too many females think all cocks are made for them and that all males should should desire them. Personally I have seen many disgusting things yet nothing is more vomit provoking than vaginas, breast, and blubber asses!

So …I sure do not get aroused seeing girly men even if they are hetrosexual. Many will mistake or not absorb the content of this entire comment. I love a long girthy cut cock on a guy with a trim physique and of couse man hair BUT I would chose a guy with less cock size before I chose a girly man that had monster sized cock. Check out this hot pounding I found …. What the hell are you rambling about?

Top best male pornstars with biggest dicks in porn ()

Is this a sermon or a speech? Next time proofread your comment before posting it. It will sound better with correct punctuation and spelling. I totally agree with all of it Illinois. That shit is repulsive and completely ridiculous. Spitting on each other and trying to destroy the bottoms. They are attractive but their mannerisms make them repulsive to me. And they date and marry each other.

I like the flix where they act lustful, but more loving. The unnecessary disrespect and conduct is most definitely sending the wrong message. Though if they saw the gay porn it would make things worse. I still believe it is the thirsty, trashy, slutty, campy Gays in everyday life that make our road so rocky. Here in Washington we still have some bakers that will not make a wedding cake for a gay wedding as petty as that ignorance is.

Top 20 hottest biggest dicks in porn ()

The ignorance will always be there just like racism and misogyny. The discriminators are still focused on legit gay persons in their immediate communities. They are pissed because they still have the ridiculous notion that Lesbians look like bikers or a gym teacher and that gay guys are weak, over sensitive, trying to sleep with anyone with a penis and metro sexual enough to do it. It makes life so hard for a lot of us.

I have heard every complaint under the sun but never have I heard the mention of porn. And they do that same nasty shit in straight porn as well.