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Mature students frequently have different needs to their younger peers during their time at university. Often these needs are ill-considered or even ignored when managing the day-to-day arrangement of classes and facilities. One of these included an on-campus restaurant which had breast-feeding facilities whilst also having a policy that refuses entry to children. First and foremost, it prevents students with dependants from being illegitimately and unnecessarily discriminated against. Secondly, it removes a barrier to successful outreach on behalf of the university.

Mature zone tumblr, I believe that -friendly university is it societal good in itself and is a necessary step if a university wants to live up to its claim to be truly inclusive. The aim of this programme is to encourage student unions to support effective campaigns in support of students with dependants. This is broken down into ten-steps which comprehensively improve university life for students with dependants and arguably student life in general.

Lse students' union — thoughts from the "nus championing mature

These steps are:. Some of these steps are much easier to achieve than others but overall I believe that it is possible for all these things to be achieved. Importantly, the correction of policies to reflect the needs of students with dependants costs nothing.

For example, earlier distribution of class timetable and preparation for Michaelmas Term so that child-care can be arranged in good time. The LSESU will be embracing this campaign and taking strides to improve student life for students with dependants.

This will be part of my goal to improve the welfare and opportunities of mature and part-time students in general. I will be ensuring that the university is not barring students with dependants the same opportunities it gives to others and campaigning for the LSE always consider the needs of students with dependants when formulating policies and documentation.

As ever, I lost out on the companionship of my comrades, the calorie content of Wrights Bar and the controversy of the Beaver. It may have all the ambiance of an closed IKEA showroom after sixteen years of winter and break-ins, but it is a home, never the less.

Having done a great deal of work with the School Chaplin, James Walters, it is wonderful to see the various faith societies increasing their voice on campus. Hopefully getting the Rent Guarantor Scheme done and dusted! I have quite a mature zone tumblr of statistics to finish putting on them, but it is a coherent and sensible proposal, so I am optimistic for the submission procedure.

To submit a question l. I missed bumping in to people that I had not met in a while and having impromptu coffee breaks or debates on Houghton Street. The quad is full of people who are carrying on their discussions from class and The Tuns is sporadically filled with AU members playing one or other drinking game.

Without the sound of debate, hilarity and the rustle of papers, the building felt more than a little bereft! There was over ten times as many people as attended the year before and everyone enjoyed the performance of the London School of Samba, something a little different than your average student night.

We are holding postgraduate Crush on Friday of Week 2, so turn up to this to make it as big a success as the Christmas event. We have some really exciting events coming up for postgr this term. Entrance is free and there will be a free drink of your choice from the bar on entry.

This event I think will be really useful to build more of a community for postgrad students and will be a great opportunity for networking and sharing ideas. Send your questions to l. Find out who wants to represent you here. The Community and Welfare Officer is responsible for working with fellow students to improve the quality of life amongst our student body. I will also assist with improving the provision of student support and widening participation.

The mature zone

Biryani eating in The Quad. Onto the second tubs… vine. International students at LSE have long struggled with their tuition fees increasing from year to year of their study and the SU has campaigned against this. Keep reading.

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As you may be aware, January exams will now begin on Wednesday 3rd January, rather than Tuesday 2nd January. Posts Ask Archive. These steps are: Identifying student parents Accessible information Identifying specific needs Differential treatment Representation Child-friendly space Accommodation Childcare Finance A Community campus Some of these steps are much easier to achieve than others but overall I believe that it is possible for all these things to be achieved.

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What was your biggest achievement last term? What are you most looking forward to this term?

the Debate and vote during the Lent Term Elections. Voting opens next Wednesday! Meet your new Community and Welfare Officer, Anneessa.

Hi everyone! Hope to get to meet many of you soon!

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Anneessa xx. Meet Rosie, your new Education Officer.

BUT so many of the reasons why I enjoyed my years are thanks to the people I met and the experiences we made for ourselves and not those provided by the school. This is largely where the SU and the Education Officer comes in! And it took me a long time to realise this while I was a student!

Mostly mature

Our office in the Kingsley rooms is still gleaming, tidy and clean. Meeting new members of the union and getting involved in parts of the school that I was not fortunate enough to find mature zone tumblr that just passed me by during my time as a student is such an exciting perk to this position as one of your Sabbatical officers, and a huge part of that for me is meeting as many of you as possible. Union General Meeting. You can watch the entire debate the UGM below. Any member of the Union can propose a policy, speak about a policy and vote on policies.

It also makes sure that our Sabbatical Officers, part-time Executive, Media Groups and Democracy Committee are held to by members. Be sure to come along! If you have any policies you would like to propose, just the Democracy Committee Chair, Joe Anderson at su.

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