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Mlp lost episodes

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So a friend of mine, who was a Brony told me some stuff about the season 3 finale. He said that this was going to be the last episode of the show before they decided to go with the Princess Twilight story. Then he gave me a DVD saying that this was the only copy of that episode.

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Hello everyone. I am a time traveler from the yearand I'm here to warn you about one of the future episodes -- Season 3, Episode 13 - "Damnation".

The lost treasure of griffonstone

It was a tape found in a back alley in October I must warn you to take care of yourselves if you manage to stumble upon a tape with the exact title The tape was especially suspicious for not only this but because the episode had not even aired yet at the time; in VHS format, no less. But I will tell you the content in this episode should one of you folk manage to stumble across a suspicious looking tape -- just so you can stop the film right away.

The episode begins with nothing peculiar except for the fact that the episode skips straight to the intro - no reflecting on the past episode, no credits, nothing. After the intro, the tape cuts to static for about 30 seconds.

After this, the screen cuts to black. A faint sound of an ambient synthesizer noise creeps it's way in.

The lost treasure of griffonstone

This goes on for about long, before finally, the first hints of animation become clear. Everything looks like a grey sloppy pallet. This goes on for about 10 minutes before finally, everything becomes clear. The animation reveals Spike, everyone's favorite dragon, walking down a road in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres.

The lost episode of my little pony: friendship ends here ( creepypasta/ grim )

Except this isn't the normal Spike. Everything around him, including Spike himself, looks grey, dreary, and miserable, a complete opposite from his usual cheery demeanor. His face wasn't showing, and he was walking in a straight line down the seemingly endless road for about 10 more minutes with depressing keyboard notes in the background.

Suddenly, everything cuts to black for a few more seconds, before it cuts to Spike standing in front of a mansion. A colorless cabbie is parked in front of the mansion, revealing that Spike has just stepped out of it.

The lost episode of my little pony: friendship ends here ( creepypasta/ grim )

By this point, the keyboard notes have faded away, leaving literally nothing but silence. Abrasive, stomach twisting silence. By this point, Spike finally turns his head, to reveal a demented evil smile. Spike then turns his head to the cabbie, his face becoming even more sick and twisted with each second.

You can practically hear maggots eating away from the inside of his scaly flesh. Suddenly, Spike turned to the cabbie and shouted "Yo homes, smell ya later!

My little pony lost episode-creepypasta

I looked to my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air! I'm a sucker for Creepy pasta even though they freak me out. And you had me, though the timetraveler part ruined a bit of it for me, but the rest was pretty was pretty dang creepy, if a bit cliche. Oh look Dat Ending! And now there is FiM creepypasta, give yourself a pat on the back. You've earned it.

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My little pony: friendship is magic

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