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Monster girl island prologue

If you want to unlock all scenes in the Steam version. Faranne Chapter 1 — After you find the crabs and have dinner, she will ask what you want for a reward.

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Search Games » Search show filters hide filters. Dragons, slimes, giant bugs, centaurs and more. This island is full of monsters and they are all Oddly attractive!? From Elves to Kitsune; from Mermaids to Androids; myths and science fiction suddenly become a reality as you find yourself on this mysterious island.

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I had a lot of fun with Monster Girl Island and what we have here with Monster Girl Island: Prologue is a way for you to get a taste of if this kind of thing is for you. The best way to think about this game is that it is kind of like a preview or a demo of the main event and the perfect way for a person to dip their toe in to see if this is the kind of game for them.

Monster girl island prologue: all scenes guide with save files (steam version)

If you have a thing for monster girls as I do then these are some of the best darn looking monster girls you will ever see. They are all smoking hot, but they also have horns, tails and other such things.

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The visual presentation of the game is stunning. I have played a ton of lewd games the past couple of years and I would easily put Monster Girl Island: Prologue as one of the best looking ones out there. Many games like this go for a 2D look or a top down perspective which is great and something that I like.

This game is going full 3D and as a result, it gets you more invested in the game world. This along with the first-person perspective makes you feel like you are on this island. The various monster girls have a ton of personality to them and I like how the game is not just one kind of style. For example, you have monster girls that are both sci-fi and fantasy in this game so there is a ton of variety in that regard.

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Finding out who you are and what is going on as well as the real deal with this island is basically what the game is about. This is not the full game and instead about a quarter of it, but it does get you invested enough that it probably will make you want to try out the full release of it.

Monster girl island: prologue

If this prologue does not do anything for you, well you know that the main game is not for you. Talking to different monster girls, making decisions and of course, taking part in lots of first-person sex is how the story is going to move forward.

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One of the things I like about the gameplay is that it always felt like there was something or someone to do! I think that this is a really fun game and one that is worth checking out. However, Monster Girl Island: Prologue is ideal if you want something that is sexy, fun and where the characters all look fantastic.

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If you like monster girls then you will get a real kick out of the des here. Browse games Game Portals. Monster Girl Island: Prologue.

Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots Overall rating: 8.

Download Monster Girl Island: Prologue. Lewd Island. GameFabrique

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