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Mother 3 pre patched

There are also 3 versions of the hack, but the story remains the same between them, and the only changes are to the PSI that Claus and Kumatora learn in the game. It also alters the King Porky Statue boss fight to be winnable via normal means and give greater rewards as a result. Newest Hacks.

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Can anyone help me?

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Please re-download. Posted almost 13 years ago edited almost 13 years ago. Yes, please be careful with the Windows patcher. You will need to fully unzip the archive, and run it directly, as-is.

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You cannot run the patch program from inside the ZIP file, because Windows does not extract mother3. You also cannot ZIP the patch file, but you can delete it after applying if disk space is a concern for you. Thats for windows…But What about Macs?

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I want to patch it myself…. So…Any help? Hey, I was using a mac and this problem happened to me but I solved it. The patcher did not work because the files in that one folder were all copies of the originals.

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It worked. I have a feeling that this is set up for I also tried a UPS patcher for Mac from the romhacking. They said they compiled it under I tried to compile the source of the patcher in The mac patcher was compiled to support Mac OS X Well, Almost.

The backstory

This build is NOT intended to replace the version released with the patch. Seems that the Mac patcher is the one with the most problems. Sucks to be a Mac user at the moment then. Thank you so much, sblur! There is an issue with saving, but my VBA seems to be ok with save states, but not saving the through the game itself.

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Otherwise, the patch is working perfectly so far. Thanks again! Rename the. Now when you load Mother 3, start a New Game, and talk to the first frog, there should be a dummy save that you can overwrite. I feel stupid for doing that now —.

The menu and translation patches are actually in two different patch formats. They planed on using the PPF format, which is the format the menu patch is in, for the final translation until the UPS format was released, which is the format the translation patch is in.

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Without a UPS patcher program, your only hope is to have either someone make a PPF patch of the translation not likelyor use the translation patcher on another computer. I knew they were different formats, but I got the idea in my head that Gumby could do that, too.

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The UPS format is open source. Do you have any knowledge on how to compile programs yourself? You could compile the command-line patcher.

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The same thing happened to me, but I finally got it to work. The problem is Stuffit Expander. It screws up the patch for some reason. And the above explanations are all over the place and confusing me. Can someone pretty please dumb it down for me?

Mother 3 english pre patched

The patcher requires Mac OS X Read this thread for a download link to a version compatible with Thank you, sblur! Thanks, sblur. I translated the game, and it worked… at least until I tried to save. Did you make sure to rename the. I think I did. Posted over 12 years ago edited over 12 years ago. The same thing happened to me. I had everything prepared correctly, ran the Windows patcher I have XP Home and it said that the game has been patched correctly.

Original games

Register. I can't apply the patch! Posted almost 13 years ago Quote Permalink. Game Over. Me too….

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Weird… My operating system is Hmmm… Mine is also Probably because you are zipping the patch file…. Posted almost 13 years ago edited almost 13 years ago Quote Permalink. Nine Inch Nailz.

When will the translation be done?

Miss Prince. Works perfectly fine on Leopard. You guys need to upgrade. Known for editing her posts a gabillion times before being satisfied with them.

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I just posted a long and detailed guide in a new topic that should be helpful. Let me know if it works. Good luck, Goes to finally play. Miss Prince:.

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This joke is funny because the squirrel gets dead. Links to stuff.

What is mother 3?

Thanks for the Life is gooooooooood. Posted over 12 years ago Quote Permalink. Posted over 12 years ago edited over 12 years ago Quote Permalink. Show ature.

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