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Check out just a sample of the latest NaughtyAmerican porn videos you can now find on NaughtyDrive. See what happens when they decide to share his cock instead of fighting over him…. Welcome back to the NaughtyAmerica blog.

slutty sister Zora

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Check out just a sample of the latest NaughtyAmerican porn videos you can now find on NaughtyDrive.

Years: 27
Nationality: I'm belarusian
I like: I prefer male
What is my sex: I'm girl
Color of my hair: Flaxen
My body type: My body type is quite strong
What is my favourite music: Classical
I like: Riding a horse

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Porn xx naughty america blogspot

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Like this. We are Entitled to our opinions just like they are theirs you guys get over it and stop crying and preaching about how good the game is and we will stop telling about how garbage the game was.

The Woke of US 2? Lol, still hilarious to read the pathetic comments from people who cant move on even a year later. Gotta suck so hard to not like or understand the game.

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And they can write whatever they wont, still will be a masterpiece for me. Just love reading the comments :. Rigged shows, Duckman losing his mind, them losing money….

The actual fans and gamers wont forget. You know it must be some immature-minded, anime-watching, uneducated. I love seeing these types of comments; I love pointing them out to the turds who type them. You are making yourselves the laughingstock of the internet….

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It feels like you gave up on the potential of console gaming. Why do you follow what Xbox is doing all the time now? Do you have no original vision anymore? Make PlayStation an absolute husk…. Thats what Kaz and Ken would want alright…. Actually, AAA story based exclusives cost too much…. Why make consoles anymore, just put a PS logo on your failing phones and say that is the only way to play now…. Cause putting exclusives on pc is either sheer incompetence and stupidity or it is an inside job to undermine the brand and give Xbox and PC a boost.

You need to stop, take a good hard look at yourselves over in San Mateo and ask what the hell you are doing! Saying games are exclusive and getting people to buy your hardware, thinking they are buying into something unique and special….

You are liars! PS4 was the most successful generation monetarily you ever had, it just worked…. You have gone and changed everything to be worse…. There is an arrogance behind all of this. You ported games to PC instead of giving us native versions on PS5. You spent time courting PC gamers who do not care about you while we waited on an SSD expansion 6 months after we were promised.

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Haha the Blog has joke posts now? The only people who still care about this thing is well…those who are not in their right mind…unfortunately. LMAO what I think is funny is the walking-talking colostomy bags trying to defend this game. We use cookies to personalise your experience and on this website and other websites.

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Comments are closed. No golf clubs?

Damn they missed a trick there. No wokeness? Tusiczz June 18, at am PDT. The Last of Us franchise is dead to me.

Sad to say but yes. He is a white man they not going to sell that. No Joel, no buy.

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Hatchetforce June 18, at pm PDT. You can be better than stooping to that. Braden06 June 19, at am PDT. Lost millions of fans and have to make up the money somehow. Welmosca June 21, at pm PDT. They say ignorance is bliss. Guess you prefer it that way. TLOU2 overrated days gone does zombies apocalypse better.

Yeah, put this on PC too….

I mean…. Exploude June 21, at am PDT.