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Nier sex

NieR and subsequently Nier: Automata are games, which are part of Drakengard series.

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As an audience, we are certainly invited by Nier: Automata to feel aroused. As it dances like a leaf in a breeze, not only does it seem deed to pique our sexual interest, it teases a question: if these androids aspire to be like people, are they biologically disposed, or even equipped, to love, lust and breed like us?

Despite his apparent attraction to 2B, 9S resembles a schoolboy much more than an adult, and the entailed lust or love between these two characters comes across more like a flimsy crush. And when we gaze at 2B, a perfect, smooth robot, Nier seems to be encouraging an attraction not to a person, with blemishes and bumps, but a facsimile, and a smooth, inauthentic body. It may be framed using ifiers of personhood legs, buttocks, clothing but the game still asks us to regard, from forensic distance, a simple and pleasing approximation of a human body.

Potentially, these things comprise an invitation to ignore the androids and think of actual people. Its decision not to put sex, kissing or even a genuine, lustful embrace on-screen makes Nier: Automata hard to take seriously as a story of human love, or even robots coming to terms with human love.

Ultimately, however, Adam and Eve themselves are created asexually and lack genitals. Nevertheless conscious above all the other characters, they are like Nier: Automata itself, caught between fearing the naked, anatomical truths of humankind while also wanting to be regarded as humane.

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Their language is a promise, of the on-screen revelation of something tangibly sexual, but that promise goes unfulfilled. A game about robots which are immaculate from their conception and never seem to truly touch or feel one another, even after a spiritual awakening, Nier: Automata ostensibly wants to tell us about human passion, but dodges around its physical and emotional details — the very things that define it.

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For more information. Ed Smith. Published: Apr 29, Ed Smith Published: Apr 29, Nier: Automata.