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Oppai game

Quickie: Short Visual Novels is a series of erotic visual novels that are shorter than your average visual novel, but still delivers on a full, fun and sexy experience. We have made 14 short visual novel games to play!

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If you're unable to view the Steamplease make sure you're ed into Steam and you've enabled "Adult Only Sexual Content" in your preferences. And don't forget to add Q:LHS to your wishlist! We're oppai game to release in Steam's Early Access sometime within the second half of this year. When we release on Steam, we'll still be running the Patreon like we have been so far and will also be updating our Steam release as well. More details on the Steam's release will be announced closer to the Steam release date. We'd like to thank everyone who has followed us throughout the development of our Quickie games.

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You will need to unlock the other locations by gaining stars in the Oppai game Hotel, to meet other characters. Hi there, Have you checked the phone? The profiles should have hints for how to progress the stories.

Otherwise, you may have reached the end of the current content, which the phone will also tell you if you have. Hi there, We do recommend using the fast travel in the map menu if you have issues with navigating the scenes. Just a note though, we unfortunately won't be optimizing the APK builds as the final release of the game will not be available on mobile devices.

Hi there, We still haven't got an official date and will be having a proper announcement when we decide. But as a rough estimate, we're looking at entering Early Access Q4 or Q1 Hi there, Glad you enjoy the game! Unfortunately, we won't be optimizing the APK builds as the final release of the game will not be available on mobile. The latest update released today v0. Hi there, The Steam release will contain all content further details to be announced at a later date. Glad you enjoy the game!

Hi there, We have encountered save issues that we are working on fixing for next build. Sorry for oppai game inconvenience!

Hi there, Thanks for letting us know! We're looking into this save bug : Thanks. Hi there, Glad you like the style! We're currently only focussing on the male protagonist at this time. We are open to adding a female protagonist, but it would be something we would only consider once the main game is completed. Hi there, Thanks so much for the reply! The answers oppai game definitely help us : We're finding it a little hard to replicate this bug, so please bear with our somewhat specific or repetitive questions :P 1.

Did you play the game in one sitting? Did you play a New Game or skip to new content? Hi there, Glad to hear you like the game, but sorry you've run into this bug! Which build are you playing? Is this your first play-through of the game i. What Toshiko Heart did you last play? Is Roppongi also locked? Hi there, We have added a fix into the latest update v0. Please let us know if you are still encountering this problem so that we can look into the issue further.

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We recommend playing our Quickie short novels on Newgrounds to play in your browser. They have their own player to replace the Flash player that we have found works fairly well so far.

We may look into adding an option to download the SWF files from our website in the future. Hi there, Version 0. There is something we are working on before we can release the public build, but it should be expected sometime next week. Sorry for the delay! As mentioned, the game automatically saves after each day. Hope this helps! Hi there, Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, you'll need to download each new build with each release. Thank you for the support and we're glad you like the game!

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There will be a Patron release at the end of this month in a few days and then a public release roughly a week after :. Sorry for the delayed reply! Back inPatreon updated their guidelines which didn't allow incest, so we changed Reika's backstory.

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Yes, there will be an update for Patrons at the end of this month a few days away. A public build will be released here roughly a week after the Patron build releases. Hi there, Thanks for your kind words! We're happy your enjoyed the game : 1. We don't have a confirmed release date yet, but we are hoping to have the game ready for oppai game some time in And your English is good :. Hi there, Changes to the hotel management game will be an ongoing process and we plan to make more adjustments overtime in future builds.

And thank for you for the well thought out feedback! We appreciate it :. Thank you! We're happy to hear you liked the game! We hope you'll enjoy all our future updates as well :. Though, it may be some time before you'll see us there. Hi there, We're glad you enjoyed the game! We do plan on translating the game into multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese in the future.

However, as the content is still being created and prone to being changed, we have yet to figure out the best time to add translations. But you can find out with the instructions below:. Hi there, You can download the updated build in the ' Download' section above these comments. Log in Register. Indie oppai game store Free games Fun games Horror games.

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More Block. Creator of.

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Add to collection. Persona-inspired erotic dating sim! Oppai Games. Oppai Games 4 days ago 1 edit. Oppai Games 5 days ago. Oppai Games 41 days ago. Oppai Games 42 days ago. Hi there, Can you share a screenshot of your hotel, please? Oppai Games 44 days ago. Hi there, You may have encountered a save issue found in v0. Oppai Games 72 days ago.

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Oppai Games 81 days ago. Hi there, Akihabara hotel is not available in the latest build. We're definitely considering putting a full release on Itch :. Oppai Games 91 days ago. No, it won't. Oppai Games 92 days ago. The final release will include all content :. Oppai Games 95 days ago. Oppai Games days ago. Hi there, I've added the steam widget, does this help at all? The scene should be fixed now :. Thanks for letting us know! We'll get this fixed asap :.

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No sorry, you will need to download each new build as it releases. Hi there, Thank you! We will be sure to make an announcement when we that day comes! But you can find out with the instructions below: Windows 10 and Windows 8.

At the right, under Device specifications, see System type.

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Windows 7 Select the Start buttonright-click Computerand then select Properties. Under Systemsee the system type.