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Pervert alert gameplay

By Siri Karri. Okay, you have to bear with me on this review.

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By Siri Karri. Okay, you have to bear with me on this review.

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Originally made for Straberry Jam 3. Use your blaster and jumping skills to navigate through 18 levels and kick the pervs back to prison.

Take care though, the pervs have a bunch of sexbots on their side. If you are interested, you can my Discord server here.

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I mostly just show my progress on my current and future projects. Log in with itch.

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Just finished playing the final version. The level de is very polished. I've never been in a situation where the game felt slow or I couldn't find the next pervert.

eye-candy girl Emmalynn

Good variety of different challenges and enemies. All of the new artwork looks great and I like the gallery system. You do end up seeing all of the art before unlocking it in the gallery however, I was hoping there would be a secret bonus picture for getting all of the stars.

Perv alert

What happened to the shower picture by the way? I really liked that one. Big congratulations on finishing this project. A really fun platformer with excellent pixel art. Awesome work Nekolag!

cute madam Linda

Hey thanks! I removed the shower pic because I thought it was bit too much.

Perv alert

I might add more pics on a small update. Looking forward to the full version.

gorgeous mom Julia

I think there's a lot of potential here. Thank you for the feedback. I've been working on this project and I'm hoping to get something released before The pixel art is excellent as always, I just wish that the game resolution locked into a power of 2, so that the sprites had a consistent crisp look to them.

horney female Aliya

Adding black borders instead of resizing in fullscreen and a pixel scale choice of x1, x2, x3 or x4 would help make your awesome spritework stand out at other screen sizes. The player controls feel a lot better. The extra jump height and speed help a lot, as do the alternative arrow key controls.

talent women Talia

The levels are more complete and varied. The enemies, perverts and level layouts always have something new going on, so playing through the demo was a lot of fun.

The one suggestion I would make would be to have some sort of bonus objective or secret in each level. Maybe a hidden pervert, a secret interaction, a bonus objective or some sort of collectible item.

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Just a little sexy reward to give the players more reason to explore the levels or challenge themselves. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch.

Perv Alert. A downloadable game for Windows.

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Originally made for Straberry Jam 3 This is a lewd platforming game where your job is to get the pervs back to prison. This is the final major update to this game. More information.

Red alert 3 - enhanced vanilla release file

Status Released Platforms Windows Rating. Install instructions Download and extract the.

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Download Download Perv Alert. Comments Log in with itch.

I expected more from the gallery. But game is fine. Just played the new demo and it's looking great! I love the lady pervs.