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After seeing a few of the tweets under the FatSideStories tag, I was flooded with personal examples of externalized fatphobia.

As a way to break this down and remove its influence over our fat person lives, we must be able to acknowledge it, challenge it internally, and then fight it outwardly by living courageously and actively ignoring these messages. My fat friends, I know many of you will relate to this post and I want to say that I am proud of you for living and being and continuing to grow despite it all.

Grow grow grow. Become the people you want to be and do not be afraid of taking up space on this planet.

And to my thin friends, please take this as an opportunity to experience just a pinch of what your fat friends have experienced their whole lives. Take this as a chance to acknowledge your thin privilege, a chance to change the ways you are externalizing your fatphobia, and lastly a chance to empathize with your fat friends.

We need allies in changing how fat people are treated. Posts Archive. Lessons from a plus size model.

All bodies are good bodies. Love this. Confidence is key.

Fuck society,Love yourselves. Denise Mercedes.

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