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Pony waifu sim guide

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Developer: Tiarawhy Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. Pony waifu sim is the kind of game many of us have wanted for years and so we decided to build it ourselves. You play as a human character who ends up in equestria. You may notice that the characters in the town have different names than usual, however they can be renamed via editing in scripts and later it will be an option in the main menu. The game is produced by Scion programingSpookitty background art and prop desTiarawhy art and animation, Aspirant writing and Strelok audio engineering.

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Pony waifu sim [v alpha] [tiarawhy]

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First Prev 19 of 31 Go to. Feb 14, 90 I'm having problems.

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After I speak with purple after the new update, it stops the game. After any chit chat with any of the ponies the game stops and I can't skip dialogue or do other stuff. Someone knows how to fix this? I've tried with a new save and still happens.

Jan 16, 5 4.

Pony waifu sim [v alpha]

O Active Member. Oct 22, In the Android version, The park scene doesn't load Is that a bug or it takes time to load? Dec 31, 1 0. Anybody have CGrip? Jan 21, Do the Game have Princess Cadance?? When yes where can I find her. Jan 4, 9 9. Spoiler: "That's hot" -Paris You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

Pony waifu sim [ongoing] - version: alpha

Log in or register now. Reactions: Luckzor. Sep 30, Is there a walkthrough I'm still in the library book section.

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Semi Rukiya Member Game Developer. Apr 17, So far the game is quite good ignoring the bugs of course. I would give the player some tips tho about what to do next. Any suggestions about that by the way?

Pony waifu sim

Or is it some kind of bug that won't allow me to continue? Jul 25, Reactions: RedPillBlues and Wooloomooloo. Silverfan Member. Nov 30, Nov 10, 90 La Sombra said:.

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Is unexpected, but i love it. Reactions: La Sombra.

Jun 11, 12 2. Sloshy said:. Vovoydoy New Member. Aug 6, 6 5.

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Anyone one have a link or of the 4. Racsot New Member. Jul 9, 1 0. Nov 18, 4 3. You must be registered to see the links.

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Papa Ernie Squirrel!? Dec 4, 12, 39, Reactions: yanaibamnolker. Nov 23, 9 7. HydratedMan said:. There's already a continuation after you get the 3 ingredients?

Pony waifu sim

View attachment also what's this code for? View attachment View attachment SirDregan Active Member. Can we now fuck with Purple Smart or its still the old blowjob? Aug 28, 1, 1, Art looks nice, I don't care about source material most of the time, if it's good porn it's good porn. This looks that way.

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