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Princess bubblegum and marceline

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum spent years in limbo. Scenes depicting the slow growth of their romance were subtle.

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We're all stuck indoors and the world is a mess, so why not binge some quality TV? And if you're looking for a feel-good show, there isn't much that's feeler-gooder technical term than Adventure Time. And, yeah, I love Finn and Jake and Bubblegum.

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But, there's really only one queen to stan: Marceline the Vampire wait for it Queen. There's so much to love about Marceline. She's a badass thousand-year-old vampire with daddy issues.

She's complex and torn about her vampirism. She's bisexual and her long-term relationship with Bubblegum is just hashtag relationship goals. Oh, Bubbline. In terms of rewatching, though, Marceline is one of the characters with the best continuity in a series known for continuity.

Season 1 will set up bits, gags, and stories that won't pay off until three, four, even five seasons later, but when they do, bb, you'll be so glad you hung in there. Without further ado, here is the very best of Marceline — for now! If all goes as planned, we should be getting a new series, Adventure Time: Distant Landssometime in Episode 2, titled "Obsidian," is supposed to be all about our favorite angsty vampire. Season 1: Episode 12 "Evicted" The first time we meet Marceline the Vampire Queen she arrives at the treehouse and informs Jake and Finn that it's actually her house, though she thanks them for caring for it.

Our adventurous duo flips out, finds a new home, but whoopsie, that one was Marcy's too.

Princess bubblegum

Season 1: Episode 22 "Henchman" Finn and Jake are terrified of Marceline, so when they find her yelling at a henchman, Finn decides to take the henchman's place. But don't worry, it turns out Marceline is way cooler than Finn ever imagined. Season 2: Episode 1 "It Came from the Nightosphere" When Finn meddles with Marceline's personal life, he creates a portal to the Nightosphere, calling forth Marceline's dad.

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Daddy Dearest likes to nom souls and the whole of Ooo is in danger! Good one, Finn.

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Marcy wants to help because "it'll princess bubblegum and marceline funny. Trying to teach him what girls like, Marceline proceeds to take Finn on the ideal date: running with wolves, roughhousing, howling at the moon. Check, check, check. When they complain about not being able to float, Marcy decides to turn them into vampires — JK she's just messing with them. But they're her friends, so she can do that. And she will have none of anyone trying to hurt her buddies. This trippy memory-infused episode is an exemplar of what makes Adventure Time so great.

And, don't worry, Ash gets kicked in the nards and we all laugh. Kind of. When Princess Bubblegum critiques Marcy's awesome song, it becomes undeniably clear that they are exes who still have pretty bad beef. The song Marcy sings is just angsty bad girl read: sad girl lyrics about an ex. Singing "I shouldn't be the one who has to make up to you, so why do I want to? When she comes home, they hide in her closet and get more insight into Marcy's life than they ever wanted. Season 4: Episodes 5 and 6 "Return to the Nightosphere" and "Daddy's Little Monster" The Nightosphere is quite literally a hellscape that Finn and Jake must navigate, but what the here got them to come in the first place?

Oh right, Marcy and her dad are trying to make up. Let's just say that things are tense around the ol' hellhole. No like way, way back, like 1, years back.

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It's actually super duper sweet and super duper sad. Marcy is little and sick and Simon needs to get her chicken soup. But monsters lurk everywhere and the crown Simon wields makes him act terribly. There very cool reveal about Bubblegum in this episode, so look out for her ature bright pink color. The whole episode is filled with delightful Bubbline moments, including Bubblegum making a huge sacrifice to help Marcy get a prized possession back.

Also, the above GIF is from this episode and yeah, that's Marcy's shirt. Marcy gets hungry and threatens to eat Jake who also gets hungry and tries to cook Marcy. Talk about shenanigans! Season 5: Episode 48 "Betty" When the crown's power is stripped away, Ice King becomes Simon again and only wants to say goodbye to his love, Betty. Marceline loves him so much that she makes a major sacrifice and Simon gets a new chance with Betty.

They debate the nature of good and bad, but really they're just hilarious and judge-y. Season 7: Episode 2 "Varmints" Marceline helps Princess Bubblegum keep watch over her new "kingdom" a pumpkin patch after Bubblegum is deposed. They end up tracking down the varmints plaguing her crop and along the way see some old graffiti they made when they were wee babes. This episode really illustrates why they broke up in the first place—and what hope they have of rekindling their flame. Season 7: Episodes "Stakes" Parts These eight episodes tell Marceline's story about how she became a vampire, how she became a queen, and what happened to the last humans besides Finn.

We get to meet her mom and see how hard surviving the apocalypse was on Marcy. If you've been wondering how Marcy got all her cool powers, you're in luck.

It's also a great episode if you love to see a badass woman kill vampires, which hello, of course you do. No one is quite like they were before, but Marceline still loves Princess Bubblegum—and saves her the only way she knows how. Prepare your heart for tender awesomeness and very cute animation styles. I mean, only kind of. He's still a huge jerk. Usually, Marceline couldn't care less, but when Princess Bubblegum is threatened, we see how much she cares. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Credit: Cartoon Network.

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