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Queen vanessas manor walkthrough

Can someone help me? Also for the record, I did beat the level by going through the secret passage but I need that relic wherever it is.

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Despite borrowing from so much, the game was praised for initially advertising its influences, but then being very original and having its own identity to stand out instead of just rehashing what these games made.

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As you head towards the manor, you will trigger another trap by the shadow spirit. He will make you one of two contracts that can unlock Act 3 and 5. Ring the first bell to reveal a new path.

Chapter 3 - act 4: queen vanessa's manor

Inside, you'll have to hit the bell and climb the first two floating blocks. The third one is only available outside the Dweller world, which means you have to wait for the effect of the bell to wear off.

Jump to the other side and grab the fruit, take it to the spirit and launch it towards the ice wall. Make your way into the Manor, but enter from the cellar door on the back.

The camera will be fixed in this area. Go to your right to reveal another area and enter through the door to the left, then grab the key and use it on the door to the right to get into the Manor. As you get close to the door on the top-left, you'll hear a scream by Queen Vanessa, if you try to enter the room, she'll scare you out of the room.

Go to the room on the right instead and a key in a book will be revealed by the camera. Open the fridge and grab the key inside. Use it on the side of the piano to open the cover and step on it twice.

Having a really hard time with queen vanessa’s manor.

Eventually, Queen Vanessa will make her way into the room and you'll have to use one of the many hiding spots, including below the piano, the piano seat, and below the kitchen table. Grab the key from the book and wait for Queen Vanessa to enter the room, when she does, exit the room immediately and go through the room she was in when she screamed.

Make your way to the second floor. Enter the first room to the right and open the chest by the bed for a Rift Token.

The camera will reveal another key on top of the bed, to get to it you have to go to the next room and grab the balloons in there. Grab two of them then take them to the bed and it'll move the key slightly. When you go to try and grab the third one, it'll pop.

Go back to the bedroom and she will take the key with her. Leave the room and go towards the bathroom to grab the key while she's taking a shower.

As soon as you grab it, turn around immediately and exit the bathroom or she'll catch you and you'll have to try again. Use the key and move on to the attic.

Use the Dweller Mask to climb up the chandelier and pick up the Rift Token. Approach the chest and you'll get the Time Piece. A Hat in Time. Edit .

Queen vanessa's manor

Act 4: Queen Vanessa's Manor As you head towards the manor, you will trigger another trap by the shadow spirit. Last edited by Jaska on Apr 6, 19 am.

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