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Overall Quality Based on 38 ratings. Jeremy Clegg.

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Overall Quality Based on 41 ratings. Michael Down. I'm Professor Down Submit a Correction. Professor Down's Top Tags. Hilarious Respected Tough grader Graded by few things Get ready to read. Dec 30th,

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Overall Quality Based on 16 ratings. Mark Blackell. I'm Professor Blackell Submit a Correction. Professor Blackell's Top Tags. Get ready to read Tough grader Participation matters Amazing lectures Would take again.

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Nov 30th, For Credit: Yes. Mark is one of the worst profs I have ever seen. Makes things illogically difficult.

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Has a short temper and seems to blow his gasket regularly, tends to humiliate students in front of entire classes. If you go to him asking for help or clarification, good luck!

Vancouver island university

Tough Grader Get ready to read. Nov 29th, I was so disappointed by how this class was taught, he chose to stop doing lectures about 6 weeks to the end of semester, opting instead to split the class into groups and make us answer questions from the textbook. For anyone who learns well by listening and taking notes, don't take this prof.

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He also seemed like he didn't want to be there. Get ready to read. Dec 12th, My first impression of Mark was less than average, but as the semester progressed I realized he was actually quite a good prof.

lonely sister Oaklynn

Nov 16th, I'm a young politician and a Poli major taking one of Mark's Poli-Philosophy classes, and I have to say, never have I been more enthralled in a lecture! I always hear about power, legislation, etc.

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But Mark explains politics through a clear, modern lense of Great, ancient thinkers. He's organized, sociable, and gets you to work hard at thinking.

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Jun 14th, Attendance: Mandatory. Never have I learned more nor been more earnest to study. Not a class for slackers. May 3rd, Textbook: Yes. Mark is great in ways, and really terrible in others.

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He's passionate and knowledgable. Sometimes, it seems like he wants his answers to come out of your mouth. Sometimes, it actually seems like he wants his exact wording and will mark answers incorrect over semantics. Frustrating if you want to do well, but interesting to say the least!

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Study hard. Dec 4th, Mark is a great, wise, helpful and exceptional teacher.

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One of the best. Jul 10th, My awesome professor!!!

Hengstler, julia

He is really fair. May 6th, Mark is awesome! He's so passionate about the subject and will really take the time to help you out if you don't get it. He's not an easy marker but he's a fair marker and will listen to your arguments if you think you deserved a better mark! Oct 30th, Mark is one of the few truly engaged teachers left out there. He knows his material intellectually, passionately and intuitively. He is a lover of words dedicated to transferring his knowledge to future generations. He grades fairly, hands back asments in a timely fashion, and is respectful of all student participation.

I was very inspired!

Matthew peterson

Nov 21st, I found this class to be a good introduction to understanding politics. He is extremely charismatic and quite attractive I think, and I found this to be a little distracting during class at times. He really knows his stuff, which I found to be quite interesting to listen to, even if I didn't completely follow him at all times.

Jul 22nd, A very passionate and knowledgable instructor. He can always get a seminar back on track and can really share his knowledge of liberal studies. Really nice guy outside of class as well.

Faculty and staff

Apr 30th, Mar 3rd, Dec 23rd, Nov 18th, Mark was an awsome teacher who really got me interested in the subject more. He's super passionate about the subject too. Tests were pretty hard and his lectures could wander a bit but overall his enthusiasm really made the class interesting. You have to work hard in this class but its for your own good.

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