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Reddit dragon age origins

I was just thinking of going back to give DA: Inquisition another try.

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Just finished the game and its DLCs, and for the most part, i had a great time with it. So, i'm really mad at EA for forcing Bioware to rush this if that is really the case dont attack me. This game just needed a few months of development and polish IMO.

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I've been playing games my whole life and I can easily say that Dragon Age Origins is the best title I've ever had the honor of playing. It was the first game that made me fall in love with its characters and actually care about them.

I was romancing Morrigan and I was so careful in our "encounters" just so no one else notices and might get jealous and shit. This thread has been marked as [No Spoilers]. Thank you! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I'd take a moderate brain damage, if it meant I get to experience DAO again for the first time.

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I preferred it on my second playthrough though. The first time I was just going through the motions, I had no idea what decisions meant or the ramifications of them.

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I was just like "oh, neat". Second time I was like, "No Allie, you can't die! I won't let you! I can't say you'll get to experience DAO again for the first time though. Check out Tyranny. Very similar gameplay, writing style, and depth of lore. That game looks great, just picked it up thanks! I dont know how I'd never heard of it before. Any pointers going in for the first time?

The best installment

Spoiler-free of course. Definitely the best in the series and while I also really liked Witcher 3 and other games, I don't go back to them as much as I do with DA:O. I have played it soooo many times, still I somehow manage to create a new adventure with different combinations. Yep, I agree. What I really like about it is how it blends the old-school RPGs with modern gaming.

You can play this game more like a TPP game, with your camera just behind your character's back, or you can play it as a traditional isometric RPG. Or you can switch between the perspectives easily during the combat. The combat is perfectly balanced for my taste, not too fast and flashy, not too boring. I love how you can set up your companions' actions based on "If X then Y" rule.

[no spoilers] dragon age origins was the best game!

Want to focus only on your character? Create good tactics and go ahead. Want to micro-manage the whole team? Set only basic tactics and use active pause to give orders to everyone. Seriously, it's a perfect balance, so many ways to play this game.

What makes dragon age: origins the best dragon age game? [no spoilers]

And for some reason, winning fights in this game gives me a lot of satisfaction. The world created for DAO is very dark. Some locations are so twisted that I will never forget them. Venturing into the Deep Ro really felt like something big. Also, I really like how it only gives you the illusion of an open-world, instead of actually going full open-world.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of returning to dragon age: origins

I am just so bored of open-world games, you know? I really prefer games with pre-made, smaller locations and a map that your character travels through and can occasionally stumble upon a random encounter illusion of open-world. This works for me the best. Oh look, another building to "explore" with a terminal to hack, locked cabinet to lockpick and a skeleton sitting on a chair, holding some generic note. DA:O was my girlfriend's first modern video game and she got hooked up immediately. To me, DAO is a perfect blend between the "old" and the "new". It sits right in-between. I can play this game over and over again without feeling bored.

DAO was my first modern video game also! It's an easy game to get into for people who aren't skilled gamers. Literally the only thing I disagreed with is your opinion of F:NV. That's also one of the best games I've ever played.

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The combat is the only thing about origins I really didn't like. I don't like real time with pause, so I tried to do what you said with giving my companions tactics, but it takes a rather high level to unlock enough tactics slots to actually make them contribute enough. The only way I can get far enough into the game for that to work is by abusing the hell out cone of cold combos.

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Which sucks, because I would really like to play more than just that one origin. DA:O is definitely my favorite, even though I play Inquisition much more. I made communication mistakes that are very organic to conversation, accidentally flirting and saying the wrong thing from time to time and watching how my mistakes along the road shaped the story.

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You're damn right, this game wasn't just good, this game had a soul. But I do love the series as a whole, so I have similar stance to you, just in specific regards to it as a series, rather than the one game. I'll play and enjoy other things, there's plenty I like, some things I adore. But nothing else has captured my interest quite like Dragon Age, I'll always be a fan of it. Inquisition is my favourite too with DA2 a close secondbut there's something very nostalgic about Origins. The only other series that's come close for me is Mass Effect.

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I've tried to get into The Witcher, but I find it really alienating now to play an RPG-type game that doesn't let you choose your character and romance. Posted by History. Sort by: best. Templar DA2. You have me exactly.

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Just play league, you'll get moderate brain damage. It is probably my favourite game of all time. In peace, vigilance. Shall do, thanks. Continue this thread. God, you're gonna make me play it again. We stand upon the precipice of change. Personally, I prefer Inquisition.

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