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I like the tags for the tops of the n64 cartridges. They even put cover art on them!

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This collection is far from a random selection, though, as it contains every single game that was ever released for the system in North America. Exactly games were officially d to be released on the N64 in North America. Only five months ago, they released a picture of their N64 collection, which at the time contained games, meaning that they collected more games in less than half a year. Among their posts are also several other fascinating objects from the console's history, including a complete set of games for the N64 Disc Drive, an obscure, disk based add-on only released in Japan, and an even more unusual keyboard attachment for the N For those who grew up with the console, or who later went back to play any of the N64's much beloved librarythe image should spark a lot of nostalgia and memories.

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Newbie to retro video game collecting. where to begin?

I have the chance to get a used copy for an okay price because it has no case and jacket. When sold with the original jacket the price skyrockets.

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I have a printed out version that is about 95 percent similar. The main question is how has it been with patches since launch? Have the graphivs or framerate improved at all? I am mostly a handheld player.

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QotW: Ever had any regrets? Posted by 12 hours ago.

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Comments are locked. View Comments. Posted by 23 hours ago. Most official Joy-Con colors, although Tsum Tsum may not be legit.

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Posted by 2 hours ago. Posted by 17 hours ago. This is why I love working at a GameXChange.

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About Community. A subreddit for collectors who want to collect every Nintendo Switch game.

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Come here for information about what games are coming out in all regions. Created Mar 23, Filter by flair. Related Communities.

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